Swim England East Region Short Course Championships Date: 1st-3rd November 2019

01 Nov 2019 - 03 Nov 2019
October, 4 2019
Masters Plus,Perf,Uni ([* ALL Locations *])


Please note that swimmers wishing to enter this competition should do so directly on the attached link.  Once you've entered please let pbscgalasec@gmail.com and Head Coach Jamie know what you have entered for.  The closing date is 4th October.

This is not an age group event and there is only 1 entry time.



Short Course Championships Entry Process

Para swimmers should follow the process specifically for them which can be found here

To enter click on the link below


To make an individual entry

Select your club from the drop down list and click on the enter button. Then click on the membership number against your name. All your times will be shown with those that qualify you for entry already ticked. Untick any you do not wish to enter and then click on the Add to the entry list button. On the next screen either click to Add more or edit selection or Finished – submit entries.


If you click on Add more you will go back to the club selection page so follow the instructions above. To amend your entry just select your club and yourself. To enter another swimmer select the club and that swimmer.


If you click on Finished – submit entries. you will go to a new screen that allows you to enter some contact, complete that and click on Submit and pay which will take you to a Paypal screen. Entries will only be submitted once a Paypal payment is made.


PBSC GalaSec