Arena Round 1 - Seats on Coach

12 Oct 2019
October, 12 2019


Arena Coach Update

Listed below are those people who have requested a seat on the coach and therefore will be charged £6 per seat.

The coach will leave BLC at 16:15 for Enfield, please make sure that your swimmer is there on time, the coach cant wait as we may end up being late.


Family Name Number of Seats
Victoria Ayles 1
Dan Chennells 1
Austin Clements 1
Euan Donald 2
Lorenzo Evans 2
Alexandra Farnham 1
George & Lawson Gray 2
Joseph Harrison 1
Chris Hughes 1
Alexander Kalverboer 2
Tamsin Moren 5
Pierce & Ronan Philbin 3
Isabel Sansom 1
Owen Strakosch 2
George Thorne 3
Tracy Van Deventer 1
Lydia Wisley 2
Geoff Wood 1


For Round 1 of Arena where the team is swimming over at Enfield, the Club is subsidising a coach to get swimmers and family members to the centre.

We do need to know number of seats required by 1st October.

The cost of each seat will be £6 and we will recover this via the Meet Fees and Refund process for which we will need payment at the beginning of Jan 2020.

To book your seat(s) please click Accept at the top right of this screen, select Yes or No and then using the Notes field, the number of seats required.

Any queries please contact Yvette (teamgala@berkosc.org.uk