Hemel Hempstead Birthday Open Meet

19 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
September, 18 2019


Hemel Hempstead 106th Birthday Open Meet

Sat 19th and Sun 20th October 2019

Saturday 19th Session 1 warm up 12.45pm

Saturday 19th Session 2 warm up approx 5pm.

Sunday 20th Session 3 warm up 12.45pm

Sunday 20th Session 4 warm up approx 5pm

Cost per event £5.50, plus a £5 admin fee.


Hemel Birthday Open Meet Oct 19th/20th 2019

Who should enter?        ALL MEMBERS!!

·         This is a fun, friendly and local competition, ideal for first time racers as well as more experienced swimmers – supported by a coach and poolside helpers all weekend

·         We want the biggest possible team to enter so that every swimmer has lots of support and fun on the day

·         All (non-Masters) training will be cancelled on Sunday 20th as we are expecting everyone to be at Hemel


How do I enter?

Please log in to your TeamUnify account this week;

-          https://uk.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=ertring

-          Select “Competitions”, “Online Meet Entry”

-          Select “Hemel Hempstead Birthday Open Meet”.


Which events should we enter?

General Guidance

-          Where confident, swimmers should generally be aiming to enter 200m events – these are an important test of skills, aerobic capacity and pacing

-          Swimmers should enter as many events as they can and should not be concerned about overdoing it - learning to race when tired is a very important skill.  Please note that every race you enter costs £5.50 and there is a £5 admin fee (the admin fee covers the cost of the TU admin and the coaches passes that we have to pay for so our coaches can be poolside)

-          It is very important to practice racing all strokes – it is impossible to know at an early age which stroke any swimmer will end up specialising in


Specific Guidance – Academy Swimmers and new SD1 swimmers

Priority order;

-          100 individual medley, then;

-          50s Bk/Br/Fc, then;

-          50 Fly if confident


Specific Guidance – Regional, County and experienced SD squad swimmers

Priority Order;

-          200IM, 100IM

-          200s Bk/Br/Fc, 200 Fly if already confident with 100 Fly

-          100s and 50s


Why Open Meets?

-          Open Meets are a very important part of the development process for all swimmers.  They give swimmers an opportunity to develop their competitive skills, but in a fun, supportive atmosphere that prepares young swimmers for future competitions

-          Open Meets give swimmers an opportunity to record licensed times which can be used to enter other Open Meets as well as championships such as Counties and Regionals

-          Swimmers also have a great chance to get more specific 1:1 coaching as coaches can watch each individual closely, and give specific feedback on how to learn for the next race