Kent Championships 2020 - Events order has been changed!

18 Jan 2020 - 02 Feb 2020
January, 6 2020
31 January 2020
(this is a team hosted event)
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Update 2020-01-30

- Please sign-up to help on the 1st of Feb, sessions 13-15



The third weekend sees the individual championships conclude at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We will see over 2000 entries of the best Kent swimmers on show in the heats, and 56 finals over the 2 days, all hoping to win one of the 675 medals on offer.

Some key points to remember.

As last week, the first point is: If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing. Over 1000 entries were not accepted.  To respect those that were not accepted, unless there is an injury, please fulfill your entry commitment.  Don't waste the space. 

Minor improvement in programme
To enable gaps between events to be the same for both genders, the events in the final session of each day have been swapped around. The events remain in the same session, we will swim girls first on Session 15 and boys first on Session 18. The updated order of events is here

Medal Presentations
The presentations worked well again last week, and if swimmers can continue to be ready for their respective presentations at presentation time that would be great. The presentations  are for all top 3 swimmers including the para classification swimmers.

At the end of each session, we have set aside presentation time, but we need swimmers to turn up. If you aren't there you will miss the presentation.  Top 3 swimmer (coaches please note), make sure you are in the presentation area at the end of each session. Medals 4th-8th will be available for collection at the medal table. Parents please stay to the end of the session and support the presentations. This weekend we will have Jemma Lowe ( Bio) (former Olympian) and our president Malcolm Keysell awarding the medals

Backstroke Ledges 
Backstroke ledges were successful on Sunday, and the girls will have a chance to race with them this week. We will endeavour to give backstroke competitors some practice during warmup.

Each warm-up will be 50 mins. The warmups will follow the order of swimming, so if boys is the first event, boys will warm up first, and vice versa. Due to the numbers of swimmers, Bromley will warm-up in the diving pit, but still practice sprint starts with everyone else in the competition pool. Please maximise the space and use both ends of the pool for sprints.

Coach Refreshments
This year, coaches with poolside passes will be able to join the officials for food at the break 

The top car park should be open, note there is a height restriction so high sided cars may need to park nearer the sports centre. We have arranged for the top car park to remain open until 8.30pm both days

Warm-down is available in all sessions. Please ensure your swimmers are monitored during warm-down

In the unfortunate event that a withdrawal is necessary (remember there are many swimmers that could have taken the space in most events), You must withdraw before the warmup starts . Please withdraw at the medal table.

11yr old parents presentation
There will be a presentation about the Swimming Pathway for parents of 11yr old swimmers on Saturday 1st Feb please contact, if you have any questions regarding this.

Results Website

You can follow the results here

Hoodies and Hats
We have commissioned Championship Hoodies and Hats for this years championships, they are available to purchase on this link.

Licensed Conditions

Alan Davidson
on behalf of KCASA Swimming Committee