Kent Championships 2020

18 Jan 2020 - 02 Feb 2020
January, 6 2020
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Kent Swimming Championships 2020

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Kent County ASA Championships 2020
(License 1SE200205 , 1SE200206 , 1SE200207).

The Championships are almost upon us,  so a good time to remind people of a few key points. Please forward this to your coaches, swimmers and parents.

The first point is: If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing. Over 1000 entries were not accepted.  To respect those that were not accepted, unless there is an injury, please fulfill your entry commitment.  Don't waste the space. 

Medal Presentations
We are continuing with age group presentations which were brought back last year (unless we have any technical disasters). We need the assistance of coaches, swimmers and parents to make this happen. At the end of each session, we have set aside presentation time, but we need swimmers to turn up. If you aren't there you will miss the presentation.  Top 3 swimmer (coaches please note), make sure you are in the presentation area at the end of each session. Medals 4th-8th will be available for collection at the medal table. Parents please stay to the end of the session and support the presentations.

Coach Refreshments
This year, coaches with poolside passes will be able to join the officials for food at the break (except at LAC -where its only Tea and Coffee)

The spectator entrance has moved this year, and as I write I am expecting the entrance to be on the upper level on the left hand side from where the old spectator entrance was. Swimmers can still go in at the main entrance downstairs.  On Saturday 18th, West Ham are at home to Everton, so please arrive in good time especially those in session 3 as the football kicks off at 3pm as does Session 3. Please remind spectators it is cash on the door for entrance and programmes. 

Spectator Food at LAC
We were hoping for a relaxation of the food policy, but this hasn't been confirmed, so as a reminder. The venue has an exclusive catering contract with its caterers and will not allow spectators to bring their own food/drink. Spectators may be bag searched for food, and asked to dispose of any food/drink. This is not ideal, but is outside of our control,  please ensure your swimmers and spectators are aware of this.

We have agreed with the operators that swimmers can bring their own food. They should take any food through with them. Spectators will not be able to give them food during the event unless purchased on site.

Warm-down is available in all sessions except S1and 4 at LAC will not allow us to hire the space to warm down in the water before 2 pm, so coaches and swimmers, please adapt to the facilities.

In the unfortunate event that a withdrawal is necessary (remember there are many swimmers that could have taken the space in most events), You must withdraw before the warmup starts . Please withdraw at the medal table.

11yr old parents presentation
There will be a presentation about the Swimming Pathway for parents of 11yr old swimmers on the last Saturday of the championships, please contact, if you have any questions regarding this.

Warm- Up Times
Please see the programme on this link 

Results Website

You can follow the results here

Hoodies and Hats
We have commissioned Championship Hoodies and Hats for this years championships, they are available to purchase on this link.

Guest Olympian
Andrew Willis former Olympian and World Silver medallist will be assisting with presentations on Saturday, and will be poolside for swimmers Q+A throughout the afternoon. So all the breaststrokers can have a chance to chat and find out what it takes to make it to the top-level. (Link to Bio)

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Alan Davidson
on behalf of KCASA Swimming Committee





Kent Swimming Championships 2020
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Kent County ASA Championships 2020
(License 1SE200205 , 1SE200206 , 1SE200207)).

Racing starts next week. This year has broken new records yet again for the number of swimmers entering. We are often criticised for having tough qualifying times, but every year the swimming community of Kent rises to the challenge. 

Unfortunately, we can't cope with that volume of swimmers, and we have had to restrict the numbers based on the criteria in the conditions by 1160. 

If a swimmer has qualified, please stress the importance of competing, lots of other swimmers have been disappointed, please don't waste the space. 

The accepted entry list for all the clubs is here, the mulit-classification list is here, the list of refunds for swimmers that had consideration times, but didn't quite make it, is here. As you will see, the quality of swimming continues in Kent continues to be very high, and if you have been accepted that is a great achievement.  For clubs on the refund list please email the clubs bank details to the treasurer

We have managed to squeeze the programme into 3 weekends rather than 4 saving lots of travel the meet programme with the session warmup times is here

Kent Championships 2020 Event hoodies and swim hats have been commissioned and are available to order here,

The Championship results website is here 

Now you know who is swimming we would like clubs to volunteer to host sessions. Please click here to contact Jean Scott to offer your services, if enough people help, it's not too onerous. The county can't host events such as this without club support, and we would like to thank everyone in advance for all the help they will be giving over the next few weeks.

Rather than bombard you with information alongside accepted entries, there will be further event information over the next few days.

Good Luck everyone.

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Alan Davidson
on behalf of KCASA Swimming Committee