DDSC Distance Champs 800/1500

15 Dec 2019
November, 28 2019
Aqua Part time, Aqua Squad full time, Aqua Squad Part time, Bronze Squad, Gold(1), Gold(2), Gold Squad, Olympic Squad, Silver Squad


Entries are now open, please note this replaces the normal training session.

The championships offers a great opportunity for all swimmers whether it’s a first distance event, through to those swimmers who are targeting county qualifying times or to provide practice for Regional times and above (N/B this will be a Level 4 meet therefore will provide club rankings and county qualifying times only).

Swimmers are capable of completing these distances, and experience a sense of achievement when finishing their first 800m and 1500m. With the Championships taking place instead of normal training on the Sunday, there is no reason for any swimmer in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Olympic not to take part.

When available, please read and complete the entry pack and hand into Rose or post in the club letterbox next to the notice board. Closing date has been set for Thursday 28th November 7pm.