Tape Trophy

15 Feb 2020 (06:00 PM) - 15 Feb 2020 (09:00 PM)
February, 15 2020


Dear Parents

Your child has been selected to represent Potters Bar Swimming Club in our Tape Trophy gala which is being held at The Furzefield from 6pm on Saturday 15 February 2020. This is a warm up gala for the Peanuts League which will start in May and  is a junior league for swimmers who are aged 9 - 12. 

We will have two teams on the night and will be competing against Welwyn Garden City, Hoddesdon, Watford and Berkhamsted. 

Please let us know as soon as possible or by the very latest, Wednesday 29 January whether your child is available to swim or not as other swimmers will need to be invited in their place. You can do this on the Team Unify website under the event.

The selected swimmers are as follows:-


Matthew Lynch, Louis Yiasouma, Maheesha Ranaweera, Marko Mankovsky, Rafi Foreman, Robin Tindale, Oliver Meier, Luca Bertossa Padin, Rami Adams, Finley Barber, Teoman Van Den Broucke, Adem Karadal, Zac Wettreich, Louis Hochenberg, Alexander Mordenti, Kabir Patel, Zayn Aiteouakrim, Finley Talbot, Callum Venter, Max Lesner, Joshua Corgan, Dylan Fabian, Alexander Ball, Danny Foreman, Daniel Meier, Samuel Barnett, Zhuoer Chen, George Bloyce, Rocco Tinnirello, Pavel Stambolski.



Isobella Dunn, Ella McLoughlin, Ciara Gyseman, Liliana Czerwinska, Tiana Patel, Liliana Smith, Mishka Shanker, Elena Mee, Nuala Gregg, Valentina Tinnirello, Isabella Savage, Lucy Barnard, Hannah Johnson, Heather Hall, Tobatoju Ashiru, Kirsti Aspinall, Natalia Czerwinska, Amelie Grime, Wiktoria Lasek, Emily Clarke, Aksinia Ivanova, Serena Wilson, Aleksandra Czerwinska, Matilde Di Gerlando, Sude Ulas, Maya Giuliani, Isabel Feeney, Chloe Alton, Zara Urus, Avani Patel,Tiana Rasti, Sophie Taylor, Reena Adams, Eva Foster.

Congratulations on your child's selection

From the Selection Committee