Winter Elementary Gala (L4) - Final Arrangements & Programme

05 Jan 2020 (09:00 AM) - 05 Jan 2020 (01:00 PM)
December, 13 2019


FOR SQUADS: Dev. 2, Blue, White, Bronze, Silver, Sharks,Club, Performance 3* & Performance 2 


Winter Elementary Gala -  5th January 2020

We're all really looking forward to Sunday's competition & the prospect of seeing some great swims from our swimmers!  

Here is the  Programme for Sunday's competition.

 We will not be selling hard copies so please print out the pages you need.



  • 8.30am - 9am Sign In / 9am Warm Up / 9.45am Gala starts


  • Sign In takes place between 8.30am - 9am in the entrance to The Spa.  Swimmers must sign in for EACH EVENT that they have entered. There may be a queue so please be patient & please be aware that the Spa is still open to other members at this time.
  • Warm Up will begin at 9am beginning with Girls - swimmers are reminded that they are NOT allowed on poolside until 9am & once a coach is present.
  • The competition will start at 9.45am.


  • When the Referee blows their whistle at the beginning of a heat being swum, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that everyone on poolside and up in the gallery, remains silent so swimmers waiting on the blocks can hear the commands from the Referee
  • Please ensure that all your children (swimmers & non-swimmers) are suitably supervised when up in the Gallery.
  • Please ensure that when your swimmers come up to the gallery that they are wearing something on their feet and not dripping wet!!


If any of our officials are able to officiate on Sunday and haven't let David know please can they contact him.  All officials now need to be J1 in training or above with timekeeping signed off.  If anyone is interested in becoming one of our licensed officials, please email David Ziwa (davidziwa@hotmail.com).  If we do not have the required number of officials on Sunday the times your children achieve won't be licensed (& therefore won't be eligible to use for entry into other galas or this year's Kent Championships) so we need all our officials to participate!


Thank you to all those that have volunteered to help out - if anyone else wishes to help on poolside (great view of the swimming!) please email us (address below).


To our Swimmers, we hope you have a great competition and to our Spectators, we want to hear you all cheering everyone on!  

Thank you! 

Nina and Sasha (beckenhamelementary@gmail.com)


Hi everyone

Our first Elementary Gala of 2020 will be the Winter Elementary Gala taking place on Sunday 5th January 2020 at The Spa, Beckenham.  This Gala is open to the following squads: Dev 2, Blue, White, Bronze, Silver, Sharks, Club, Performance 3* and Performance 2.  

*Performance 3 are invited to attend but they will swim as Time Trials only (so not eligible for placing or medals).

This is a licensed Level 4 Gala with no Qualifying Times - swimmers will be seeded in Squad, then YOB order - all seeding to be based on Squad as at time of closing date.

Please read all the information and conditions carefully before entering your child, making sure you are entering events that are open to them & if needs be speak with your coach.

The Entry form, Programme and Conditions can all be found by clicking on these links for the  MS Word and  PDF versions.

As with all our licensed galas, we need all of our officials to offer their help to ensure we meet the licensing conditions.  The gala should be finished by 12.30pm  so won't take up your entire day but I'm sure you'll agree is a hugely beneficial gala for our younger & less experienced swimmers to compete in before the summer break! 

The club and therefore all galas, cannot run without volunteers so please offer to help out on the day (the roles that need filling during the gala are detailed at the end of the entry form).

If you'd like your child to compete in this gala, please email your entries back to Sasha Love by Friday 13th December 2019 to beckenhamelementary@gmail.com.

In line with the new Gala Entry Procedure all payment for entries needs to be with the club by the closing date; failure to comply with this means your child's entry will not be submitted. Payment should be made by BACS transfer to the following account:  

Sort Code 60-02-12 / Account 53746031

and please use WEG20+Swimmer Surname as the reference - this is essential for us to be able to reconcile payments quickly.

Many thanks
Sasha Love & Nina Allison


PS. For those wishing to enter the Kent Championships the deadline for getting your entries to Lorraine is 2 January 2020.  This is still the case.  However, if you receive better times or achieve additional qualifying times from this event, then please email Lorraine immediately.  We will be sending the times from this event to rankings the same day and they should be uploaded before the Kent cut off of 7/1/20.