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Plymouth Leander Level 1 Spring Regional Qualifier

14 Mar 2020 - 15 Mar 2020
February, 12 2020
Swimming Age Performance,Swimming Youth Performance (Swimming)


Plymouth Life Centre

Taking place in the national qualifying window, this is a team event by invitation mainly for youth and age performance squads. Swimmers will travel together by coach and stay in a team hotel supervised by team managers. Sorry, but parents are not invited!

Entries to events not approved by Lisa and Marc will be rejected so please make sure you discuss with them before you submit anything on the web site. Please ONLY sign up for events on this page if you have confirmed your swimmers attendance via Lisa by 26 Jan 2020. Swimmers MUST talk through their event entries with Lisa/Marc before signing up.

In addition to the normal meet entry fees, there will be a charge made for travel and accommodation which are outlined in the invitation letter.

In the list of accepted entries and scratches below, ALT indicates that the swimmer must wait for a withdrawal by another swimmer in order to enter the race. SCR indicates that the swimmer has withdrawn their own entry from the gala.