Aquajets Newcastle objective is simple in concept: Offer activities which foster unity and stability during crucial years of childhood development. Team functions, swimming meets and fundraisers link parents, swimmers, and coaches in a spirit of acceptance and cooperation.

Aquajets parents and relatives contribute time and effort to support a stimulating and pleasant atmosphere for child growth. Winning with Aquajets is the byproduct of the fun, enthusiasm, and hard work of its membership. At Aquajets, success is forged in the combination of creative imagination and hard work.

Our aim is to make your child's swimming experience with us a positive and joyful one, while they learn essential life skills they will also forge friendships that will last a lifetime and develop skills such as discipline and application that will serve them well as positive young men and women in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

Julia Murden
Club Chair