Invitation to the Home Training Programme

20 Mar 2020 - 30 Dec 2020
April, 20 2020
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Dear all,

I hope you are all well.   
F ollowing on from Noel's recent messages, it's now my job to talk to you about fees. 
Noel will be sending out the first part of the Home Training Programme very soon, and this will be for everyone from the Academy upwards.  There has been lots of positive feedback and great ideas following his messages this week - thank you.   We have wracked our brains over what to ask you to pay, but still not really concluded, so I’m calling on you to help me out…..
First of all,  I am so grateful that not one parent has asked me for a refund of March fees.  Furthermore, we’ve had some amazing offers to continue to pay full fees to help the club survive, and some great ideas for generating revenue in the future.  However, we know there are some parents who can’t see a way forward right now, and we are anxious that we do our very best to help every single one of our members through this hugely challenging time.
Of course, we hope to be back in the pool before too long.  We have enough money in the bank to last for a few months, but for how long depends on what fees we can collect and what concessions our pool providers offer (they have been very supportive, but they have their bills to pay too).  It goes without saying that we want to be able to pay our coaches for as long as we possibly can.  


This is an invitation to take part in the Home Training Programme.   If the answer is NO, then I will cancel your swimmer's membership for now, and hope to welcome you back at some stage in the future.   If the answer is YES (and we hope everyone will say yes) then I need to know from you what you would be prepared and/or able to pay from 1 April.. This could range from nothing, right up to 100% of current fees – we promise to make no judgements, as none of us know what your personal circumstances are.   
If you ACCEPT, then please indicate in the Notes Box what you can pay.  I will then make the necessary adjustments in our TeamUnify billing system, and confirm back to you.

I have set out below some guidance to help you decide what to pay.  In summary......If we can collect HALF of our normal total fees then we should have enough to pay our coaches fairly, without completely decimating our reserves.  Furthermore, if enough people sign up to the Home Training Programme, then your Committee and Coaches will get a very clear and welcome message that you want Maxwell Swim Club to survive, and come back even stronger.  

I look forward to hearing from you.   Please would you be able to ACCEPT/DECLINE the invitation by the end of this weekend?  I can then let everybody know the results of this appeal.
Any problems please either reply to me (in confidence), or - better still - use Contact Us on the website so that Noel, our Chair Steve, and the senior coaches will see your response too. 

Thank you so much




 Noel and the Coaching Team have undertaken to provide:   

 1.        Athletic Development Plans:   We will be providing a structured land training programme with the help of Tim from Chaos Cross Fit, who will provide two to three sessions a week on the zoom platform.   I will also be providing further training sessions on top to which we will be encouraging all parents to get involved in with their swimmers.   This will range from aerobic capacity, mobility, flexibility and core strengthening, as well as motivational tips and activities.    We will be sending a weekly programme to ALL members in the club. 

2.       Focus To Train: With the unclear circumstances and guidance with Swim England and British Swimming, we've opted to ensure we are catering for our swimmers but also supporting other local swim clubs as best we can.   Therefore, we plan to delay our June meet until July, as a 'welcome back' meet to get the kids back into the swing of things.   It gives us all a fixed date to work towards for ALL members and not just the elite.   (NB We will also hope to run a SPLASH gala for our Academy swimmers as soon as possible).


The academy will be getting more hour time than usual while the senior squads will be receiving significantly less in terms of training hours, but possibly more in terms of interaction with their coaches.


 Your current Squad Fees:







Lower priced family member (sibling) rate





A ge Development




Youth Development   2 




Youth Development   4/5












County A




County B




Junior Development
















Bronze / Silver 1