Zoom Land Training

13 Mar 2021 - 10 Apr 2021
March, 9 2021


We are optimistic that we will soon be able to get back into the pool. With that comes the task of using muscles which we haven't done for a few months. Once again Lesley has offered to get those muscles moving in the right way with her Zoom S&C traning sessions. Some of our swimmers have participated in previous sessions and have found it useful. As a club we continue to believe that land training offers valued fitness for swimmers. .

Sessions are set to resume 13th March  for 4 weeks at a cost of £28 (specific dates 13th, 20th, 27th March and 10th April).  Sessions will only be conducted by Lesley on a Saturday, in groups of 3 swimmers per on-line session. The full fee will be payable once you have been accepted.

We will be setting this up as an event on Team Unify in signing up through this system you will be agreeing to the following: -

Consent and Understanding to Participate in On-Line Land Training Sessions

Undertaking these sessions, in the home environment, or potentially outside (Provided Government Guidelines allow), we must make it clear that swimmers (and parents) do so at their own risk and must ensure that the area being used is safe to do so. We cannot take responsibility for any injuries to you in person or damages to your environment.

Before the start of all indoor sessions, for your own safety:

• Find a flat, clear surface

• Look up, look down – make sure there is enough space around you

• Ensure the area is free from obstructions

Before the start of all Education/Conference Call Sessions

• Be in an appropriate location: living room, sofa. Not: bedroom, bathroom

• Be free from distractions, turn the TV off etc.

As with our normal land training sessions:

• Wear appropriate sports wear

• If you have an exercise matt please use, if not use a towel

• Have a full water bottle at the ready

• For Live Sessions: wearing wireless in-ear headphones may help hear the session delivery, but we would recommend to not to use wired headphones or over-ear headphones

 By continuing to sign-up for the on-line personal trainer led land training sessions you agree and understand these conditions, while accepting WSSC cannot be responsible for any injury or damage caused while participating in these sessions.

 If you are interested in participating please go to the event and sign up. Once we have an idea of participating numbers, we will be able to work out a possible schedule so please do not make payment until asked to do so.

Deadline for sign up is 9th March 2021.

Many thanks

The Committee