Officials (and people interested in Officiating) - We need your help!

30 May 2021 - 31 Dec 2022
May, 30 2021
30 July 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


This message is intended for: Qualified Officials, Trainee Officials, People interested in becoming an Official (people in white around the pool at competitions, carrying stopwatches and notepads):

As we're soon to start competing again, I need to gauge the number of officials we have/haven't got right now, as well as potential new trainees


Existing Qualifield/Trainee Officials:

Could you please confirm whether you are still interested in officiating?

Trainee Officials

- if you have completed your book and are awaiting for your asessment, please get in touch with me urgently as we can get you all signed off via London Region, with no assessment

- for those who have been assessed and are waiting to be fully Validated by Kent County ASA , also get in touch with me. I am to speak to Kent County next week to sort all of you out, but if this still doesn't go anywhere, I'll go via London instead


Potential future Officials:

If you are interested in helping the clu, theer are 2 ways about it

- becoming a volunteer and help out around the running of the club incl. running galas (marshalling, sign ins, recording results etc). Please contact Lesley at this email [email protected]

- train to become an Officials. The training starts at J1 level, and is all online, with then a few sessions at galas. There are no assessments at the end now. IT is much easier to become an official these days. the training is easy. I highly recommend that you sign-up online. More details can be found  here

Signing up is here

We have Time Trials coming up, this would be a great opportunitiy to start you on Timekeeping, and I could then explain to everyone how the practical session go once you attend galas. 

Please sign-up and do the online training, we always need your help at our club champs and other galas.

It is fun, you get to do something instead of sitting all day on an uncomfortable sweaty seat to watch your child swim a few seconds. It is also your choice: once you've signed up and completed the online trainng, you don't have to turn up at every single session, you do sessions you want to do, nothing else (I will plea for your help on a regular basis for sure, but you officiate whenever you want, we'll just be grateful you are helping)