Kent Weald Swim Squad 50s/200s

07 Nov 2021 (08:00 AM) - 07 Nov 2021 (05:30 PM)
August, 14 2021
Bronze,Coach,Elite,Gold,Rookie,Silver (Cygnets)



Dear Swimmers

Kent Weald Swim Squad is hosting an L3 short course 50s/200s meet at the “Fast” Medway Park, Gillingham on 7th November 2021. 


50m all strokes, 200m all strokes, plus 200IM are offered


KWSS invites all clubs and parents of Category 2 swimmers to make entries to this licensed meet. We are open to entries from August 11th onwards. This is a first come first served meet. There are upper and lower limit QTs for 200m races but only upper limit times for 50m races. This is an ideal meet to achieve Kent County Championship qualifying times, improve on previous times and to achieve South East Regional Championship 2022 qualifying times. Results will be live on MeetMobile.


The lower limit qualifying times for the 200m races are very generous and should allow your swimmers to obtain up-to-date licensed times in these events. Realistic coach estimated times are permitted for the 200m races if the swimmer has not had a chance to swim these events for the past 18 months due to Covid 19. Such realistic coach estimated times must be at least as fast as the lower limit qualifying times. Medals are available (top 3 boys and top 3 girls) for all age groups (9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17+). Age is ON THE DAY i.e. as on 7.11.21


Full details are attached, including the Hytek entry file (this is required for those clubs entering 8 swimmers or more). Parents of swimmers making individual entries should kindly enter using the form on page 5&6 of the word document.


I hope that you will send us some swimmers to compete at this meet. All Kent swimmers love swimming at Medway Park and at the last L3 meet we held there, 77% of swimmer entries from all clubs on average beat their entry times in each event . Please don’t miss out!


Best wishes