KCASA Development Meet 2021 - Rejected/Accepted entries v2

23 Oct 2021 - 24 Oct 2021
October, 8 2021
Bronze,C1,C2,C3,Elite,Fitness,Gold,Junior,Silver,Student,Top (Bromley Swimming)


Update 2021-10-16 - Further rejections have been published for swimmers who qualified to the Kent Championships in 2020

See v2 attached


Bromley Swimming Club will not be liable for erroneous entries and will not check any of the entered times: if you selected an event where your swimmer was too fast or did not fit the promoter's conditions, the swimmer will be disqualified and not allowed to swim ANY of their events, so please check carefully the QTs and Promoters conditions

Also, the deadline is the 8th: NO LATE ENTRIES NOR CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED beyond that date. Further more, no changes will be accepted by Kent County ASA if emailed directly: DO NOT EMAIL THEM DIRECTLY

This meet is expected to be oversubscribed, so there will be a fair number of rejections.

Kent County ASA Page

Swimmers have to be aged 10-14 by the 31/12/2021 and CANNOT swim faster than the published qualifying times

The qualifying times are not set up in the Entry form, so please check against the attached QTs before committing to events as I cannot check the times. You will be rejected if you entered when too fast

Also, one can only swim up to 6 events

Fees are £5 / race + a single £3 admin fee per swimmer.

Please pay into the Gala account

Account Number: 6 1 4 0 7 7 9 1

Sort Code  4 0 - 4 6 - 2 0

Please read carefully the promoters conditions as there are certain restrictions.

Age Limit is 14 except for Classified swimmers where it is 16