BSC & DTC Club Night 28th Nov 21

28 Nov 2021 (04:45 PM) - 28 Nov 2021 (08:15 PM)
November, 26 2021
26 November 2021
(this is a team hosted event)



The venue will be Berkhamsted Leisure Centre Lagley Meadow, Douglas Gardens, Berkhamsted HP4 3QQ

We expect every possible swimmer to attend as this is good experience as well as being a friendly and supportive competition.

We will score this the same as usual, if you already have a time then the person who has improved the most since the last time they swum it will receive a white Club hat. If you have not yet got a time for IM, a good chance to do so, you will then be able to use this for the next Club Night.

Events will be as follows;

Session 1 - Groups 1 to 3 ONLY

Time 16:45 prompt to 18:15

We will run as many events as we can do within the time

Event 1 - 25m Fly - all Groups

Event 2 - 25m Free - all Groups

Event 3 - 25m Back - all Groups

Event 4 - 25m Breast - all Groups

Event 5 - 50m Fly (Group 3, open to Groups 1 & 2 if they want to try)

Event 6 - 50m Free - all Groups

Event 7 - 50m Back - all Groups

Event 8 - 50m Breast - all Groups

Session 2 - Groups 4 to 8, Masters & DTC ONLY

Time 18:45 prompt to 20:15

Event 9 - 100m Free - all Groups

Event 10 - 200m Free - all Groups

Registration for swimmers & volunteers/officials can only be done via a valid Club website logon account, so please ensure you have signed in first.

Swimmer, Volunteer & Official Registration instructions - from the top menu select Information followed by FAQs - Website, here you will find step by step instructions how to sign up - https://uk.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=erhbsc&_stabid_=153757

All swimmers attending MUST register prior to the event, to do this select  YES or NO to say if they are attending, once done you then need to TICK the Events you are doing relevant to your Group i.e. 

Session 1 Events 1 to 8 - Groups 1, 2 & 3

Session 1 Event 5 - Group 3, open to any Group 1 & 2 swimmer if they want to try

Session 2 Event 9 & 10 - Groups 4 to 8, Masters & DTC ONLY.

In addition we also need volunteers and officials to register too please, without you we can’t run this friendly competition, please use the Job Signup button for this and denote which job you can do. 

Any issues please email [email protected]