Sharks Swimming

31 Aug 2019 (07:00 AM) - 31 Aug 2019 (09:00 AM)
August, 31 2019


Welcome to the 2019/2020 swimming session with Longford Swimming Club.

For those that are new to the sharks group my name is Pauline O Shea Leonard and i am the co ordinator of the group.You can contact me at any time with any questions you may have . My number is 0868066626.

Instead of puting lots of messages up on whattsapp I will try include all information in this email.

If your child is not returning to the club please let me know by Friday the 23th.

Sharks sessions start back on saturday the 31st of august 7am till 9am.

Shark swimming times are

Monay to friday 6am till 730am

Friday evening 5-6pm

Saturday morning 7-9am

Ronan would like all swimmers to be on deck 10mins before the session starts getting themself ready to get in the water bang on start time.

Sharks Gala


The swim calander can be found on the swimconnacth website. I posted one a few days ago that one is subject to change so please keep checking for updates.

A tip for new sharks if there is a gala in UL (limerick) and you may be thinking of staying over go onto the likes of and book your hotel now., just make sure its free cancellation!! . 

The galas that sharks attain are Level 3 and above. There are a few galas that need qualifying times for throughout the year Like the short course championships this side of christmas, the gerry ryan in the new year are just a few. 

If your child needs to go to a level 2 gala for some reason. then YOU MUST speak with RONAN 1st. He is the head coach and is the only one that can approve the enteries.

Fees for the Level 3 galas and above are 5 euro per swim. All gala fees MUST be paid before the gala. 

The club would like to see payments done online if at all possible. 

Please note that qualifying times for division 1 & 2 is from the 1st of january 2020.

At each gala we have a rota going for time keepers,turn judges etc. so that it is not left to the same people all the time and also that they are not left on deck all day (unless they want to !!)

Anyone that done the Team mangers course this year please make sure that you have your vetting done and safe guarding course done and uplaoded to swim ireland. Anyone that wouls like to do any of the courses please let me know.

Deck Duty

Each parent is expected to do deck duty. It is important part of the club. Within the shark group you normally choice which day you can do and that is your day for the year. There is a min of 4 people on a rota so its once every 4 weeks or so that you will be doing it. You will be out into your rota group and you can swap and change with in your group if needed. Rota will be done early next week.


Social Events

Every now and again we run a breakfast morning or outing for the group. If you would like to do anything again just let me know and i can help you set it up. Any parent can sugest something and run with it.


Whatsapp group

The sharks group is on admin only and will remain so. You will have your own group for your deck duty that will be open so you can swap and change if need be. 

Please be mindfull and not post before 8am and not after 10pm into groups. As people will be in bed !! 

The group is ONLY for deck duty and is not a chit chat group,Anyone mis using the groups will be removed with out warning.  


Think that is the main bits. I am sure there is alot more that i will remember after i send the email !! 

As always any questions no matter how big or small just asked.


Enjoy the early mornings !!!!!!!! and best of luck to all swimmers for the coming year.