Kent County Championships 2020

18 Jan 2020 - 19 Jan 2020
January, 2 2020


Weekend 1 - London Aquatics Centre

This year sees all the individual events swum over 3 weekends instead of 4, at LAC (weekend 1) and Crystal Palace (Weekends 2 and 3) . The Team Championships will also be held at Crystal Palace (Saturday 29th Feb 2020)

Dates and Venues

Weekend One - 18/19th January 2020 - London Aquatic Centre
Weekend Two - 25/26th January 2020 - Crystal Palace 
Weekend Three- 1st/2nd February 2020 - Crystal Palace
Team Championships - 29th Feb 2020 - Crystal Palace

Kent is one of the largest swimming counties in England, we have a fantastic group of volunteers, officials, coaches, organisers, though we have to manage with a poor supply of appropriate competitive venues in central locations. This year we have upgraded the backstroke events with a significant investment in backstroke ledges. 

Every year we publish QT's there are always comments that they are too tough. Then every year the swimmers step up and we have to refund 20% or so of the entries.  For those that don't know, the QT's are set by reference to all Kent swimmers performances using a weighted average over the past 4 years actual swims. We aim to set the auto QT, at the halfway point of allowable entries,

As an example, if we have a limit of 28 swimmers (50's), in this case, the QT is set as the average of the 14th fastest time based on the past 4 years swims across all Kent swimmers in that event and age group. It's highly statistical and set to be as scientific as possible.

We have a new QT generator which uses the "Kent formula" to automatically generate QT's using data from every licensed Kent swimmers ranking time (even if they have moved out of the county) over the past 4 seasons (thanks to Mark Leman(RTW) for the programming - and the rankings database team for the data). 

The following forms are attached:

  1. Individual entry form 

  2. Individual event programme

  3. Team event programme

  4. Male qualifying times

  5. Female qualifying times

  6. Conditions

Times must have been achieved between 1st January 2019 and 7th January 2020.

Please DO NOT convert your swimmers entry times - use a qualifying short course (SC) time or a qualifying long course (LC) time



Deadline for entries to me is 10pm Thursday 2nd January 2020.


Deadline for payment to the club account below is 10pm Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Individual payments will be cross checked against our club bank account before submitting Beckenham’s club entry and anyone who hasn’t paid will not included.

Please send your completed Entry form (with payment reference) to   championshipsbsc@yahoo.com

Please make your payment to our club account:

Bank transfer: please remember to use the club gala account (online payments only)

Sort Code: 60-02-12
Account 53746031
Please use KNTS20+Swimmer Surname as the reference.
In addition please remember to include the £4 admin fee per swimmer..

If you have any questions about your entry or the Championships in general - please ask.  


Thank you