February 2020 Warm Weather Training Camp

16 Feb 2020 - 23 Feb 2020
May, 30 2019
Comp 1, Comp 2, Hub Network Swimmer, Performance Squad




Dear Swimmer / Parent


The purpose of the camp is to allow our swimmers exposure to a more intensive training week that will prepare them for the earlier national qualifying window and regional qualifying.


A high volume/high intensity camp after County Championships in February (which finish the weekend before the camp) is very well placed for swimmers to start the next training block and give them a boost as they try to pick up those regional qualifying times, or to post times for English or British Champs.


The training camp will allow swimmers and coaches to have more time together to establish stronger communication channels, to review goals, technique, and attitudes in a controlled environment with little distraction and time to recover and rest. It’s also very useful to get away from the rigours of our daily training environment to freshen up mentally, feel good about a challenge and come back fitter and mentally better prepared.


TDS have had swimmers who have made national teams and these camps have stood them in good stead for those experiences.  The camps give the swimmers a taste of life as an elite athlete as well as some independence and leadership being away from home and managing themselves to a greater degree (support will always be on hand).  In addition to coaches there will be dedicated team management staff to look after swimmers during the camp.


All the swim sessions will be in a 50m pool meaning the swimmers will be well prepared for the swimming LC season and be very familiar that length pool, with a lot of dedicated long course training under their belts. 


It is important that swimmers understand that this is not a relaxing holiday in the Sun. The swimmers will have a fantastic experience, enjoy themselves and make some great memories but there is hard work involved, there will be down time in a warmer climate (subject to the usual changes in weather)


Each day will cover:


2 warm up and cool down protocols dry land

2 swim sessions- where the focus will be on building endurance after County Championship

1-2 review/planning/group sessions on the swim sessions

A minimum of 2 hours study for those entering exams in the coming month (more will be available for those requesting it)


Some recovery time- live like an elite athlete.

Some sun time either at the hotel facilities or beach trips (which will be limited in time as we need to ensure swimmers are recovered)


1 dedicated land session/stretch session



  • The cost is approx. £867 half board including flight costs based on 20 swimmers and 2 Coach/chaperones.  It must be noted the exact costing is a variable that cannot be known until flights and insurances have all been paid.  Group insurance is mandatory- if something happens the group leader must be able to manage the situation. Best efforts have been made to offer as accurate a price example as is possible at this point.  (£950 with 10 swimmers, £894 with 15swimmers, £867 with 20swimmers)

  • The flights have been priced during Easter holidays 2019 so should reflect accurately.

  • The dates are chosen in February during advertised half terms but please do check your own educational establishment.

  • Flights currently fly from Bristol Saturday morning and Return Saturday morning, the flight timetable for Feb 2020 is not yet known, however this shouldn’t change too much, but are not available to book until 6months before travel, so definite travel arrangements cannot be known until then.

It is essential that we get this booked as early as possible to ensure we get access to cheaper earlier flights and confirm the lanes training space and get the cheaper quad rooms (price based on triples).

The training camp is close to the airport which will make for a more pleasant camp, the weather is generally accepted as good all year round with average Feb temps reported as around 18-20 degrees with highs of 24 and lows of 13 degrees depending on which website you look at.


Any swimmer in C2, C1 and Squad is welcome to attend.  Should you have any concerns please do speak to Graham ASAP.


Parents will obviously have to judge if their swimmer is able of being away from home and abroad for 7 days, but in any case no swimmers will be taken who are under 10yrs.


Deadline for application 30 MAY 2019 and you will confirm attendance by committing on Team Unify via the events TAB.


Deposits will be collected via GO-CARDLESS and be £250 just after this date.


Swimmer Expectations:

  • Every swimmer is expected to give their all at all times.

  • Abide by camp ethos and ground rules

  • Take recovery time seriously- swimmers unable to do this will be moved to single rooms at parents expense.

  • Be prepared for every session mentally and physically.

  • Work through fatigue

  • Eat/refuel sensibly during buffet meals

  • Fully immerse themselves in team bonding activities (not more embarrassing than performing a play or telling a joke to the group)

  • Complete the camp log book

  • Be part of the team

  • Swimmers will also be expected to work with camp staff/buddy around any issues they are experiencing

  • Group Leaders will hold the travel documents/packs for each group

All younger swimmers on the camp will be catered for to ensure that they do not over train but are very much challenged, this may mean they get an extra session off or do a shorter session to be ready for the next day keeping them mentally fresh/preventing injury.


Swimmers will all be assigned a buddy during the camp, we will pair more experienced swimmers with younger swimmers to help them through the week and make sure they have a familiar face that’s in the same boat as they are.  Daily meetings will be held with the team to ensure high levels off wellbeing throughout.


For the above information and details of the Hotel and Pool please see attachment below.