Basildon and Phoenix Autumn County Qualifier 2019 - Level 3

26 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019
September, 15 2019
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Basildon and Phoenix Autumn County Qualifier 2019 - Level 3

26/27 OCTOBER 2019

Basildon Sporting Village, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3GR


Age Groups - 9,10,11,12,13,14+

Age On Day - 27th OCTOBER 2019

Awards - Top 3 in each Age Group

Events - ALL 50’S, 100’S, 200’S, 400’S

Race Entry Fee - £6.00 per event

Spectator Entrance Fee - £5.00 per day or part of.


Event Conditions -

NOTE  The meet entry closes on Friday 27th September 2019 but this is a first come/first served meet and accepted entries are already on the club site so I recommend entering soon.


You will be entering your race details direct to the Basildon and Phoenix Club - but the club will be there as a group with full poolside coaches.


The form walks you through the entry details - choose 'Entry for a single swimmer only" and the "Continue" button.


You then need to enter your contact details (surname, forename, club name {this autocompletes, just type monson for example and click on the full club name}, phone and email). If you are qualified as an official and are able to give your time please also acknowledge here.


Accept the certification note, and for Entry Swimmer 1 Details click on the "A SE/SW member" button. This expands the form to allow entry of your swimmer (asa number, surname, forename, gender, date of birth). Once entered click the "Enter Races" button.


Note the restrictions on entry times - all must be SHORT COURSE times swum on or after 26 October 2018 (long course conversions are accepted).


You can separately use the ASA swimming results website to view your swimmer's times in the last 12 months - click on Change the "Period" to Last 12 Months, and enter the ASA number and click "Go Looking".


You will get two tables, short course and long course. You can work out short course times of the long course results by using the web page (choose the "ASA Tables" conversion method) if those are your fastest. (Double check you are not using times older than 26 October 2018.)


Going back to the Basildon entry page you can now enter those times into the various races you wish to enter, then choose "Check Entry, Submit and Pay". You can then make direct payment. You will also receive confirmation emails.


To check for your accepted entries you can view from choose the BPSC Autumn County Qualifier and then the Current Accepted Entries or direct at


Any questions feel free to ask,


thanks, regards

Mike Chapman

Level 3/4 Gala Secretary