National Arena League - Round 3

10 Dec 2016
December, 8 2016


National Arena League South - Round 3 Final @ Waterlooville Leisure Center

We have been drawn in Gala 3 which is being hosted at the Waterlooville Leisure Center, Waterberry Dr, Waterlooville, PO7 7UW

Congratulations to those who have been selected to swim for Amersham in the final round of this years Arena League. This is the top level gala in Great Britain and we are in the Premier League so this is a great opportunity for you to represent Amersham at the highest level.

This round is at Waterlooville Leisure Centre on Saturday 10th December our coach is leaving the Library car park at 4pm and to cover the costs of the coach it will be £10 each and I am expecting all swimmers to be on the coach, there will also be limited availability for supporters on the coach. If you wish to have a supporter seat on the coach they will be offered on a first come first served basis (1 per child), please let me know by this Friday (2nd December).

Please note that all swimmers representing Amersham at Arena should be wearing an Amersham T-Shirt & Black Shorts or trousers and if you are wearing a jacket poolside this should be an Amersham Hoodie / Tracksuit Top.

All swimmers should also be wearing an Amersham Hat whilst competing, for those using a bullet hat or would like to use a bullet hat we now have Amersham branded Bullet hats available to buy for £15 each. I will have these available to buy at training until next weekend, the reason some swimmers choose to use these hats is that they are more rigid (worn above a normal hat) and are completely smooth and therefore makes the head feel and be more streamlined through the water.

I am also inviting all Arena League swimmers to attend an Arena training session next Thursday (8th December) at Chiltern Pools from 18.30 - 20.00. For those that normally train at this session that are not in the Arena team, training will continue as normal.

Can you please confirm that you can or cannot attend using the system by this Friday (2nd December). If you cannot attend, please leave a comment saying "No" so we can easily identify these.

Girls Boys
Isabella Stares George Mowbray
Emily Roycroft Tristan Woolven
Jasmine Van Rest Richard Jenkins
Hannah Ashby Alex Bainbridge
Elanor Andrews  
Rebecca Donn  
Madeleine Stares Ellis Morgan
Jenna-Lee Campbell Alex Hedges
May McKenny Tim Everett
Eleanor Peters Dylan Woolven
Stephanie Roycroft Jamie Owen
Hatty McGrath Liam Ballard
Roisin Hynes Ewan Mayhew
Ellie Lock  
Katie Thompson  
Sophie Elphick Hugo Bellamy
Katherine Shaw Luke Hollingsworth
Sophie Lawrence Max Elphick
Eleanor Dolan James Irwin
Katie Dibbs Peter Dalzell
Amy Hortop  

Lane and Opposition

2 Amersham
3 Havant & Waterlooville - HOSTS
4 Staines A
5 Rushmoor Royals A
6 Reading
7 Brighton
Lane Club

Gala Results

ARENA League Round 3
Premier Division - Gala 3
Position  Club Points
1  Staines A 208
2  Amersham 204
3  Rushmoor Royals A 195
4  Reading 167
5  Havant & Waterlooville 159
6  Brighton 115



Before Results
After Results