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June 9 2021

09 Jun 2021 - 31 Jul 2022

This message is intended for: Qualified Officials, Trainee Officials, People interested in becoming an Official (people in white around the pool at competitions, carrying stopwatches and notepads): As...
October 23 2021

23 Oct 2021 - 24 Oct 2021

Bromley Swimming Club will not be liable for erroneous entries and will not check any of the entered times: if you selected an event where your swimmer was too fast or did not fit the promoter's condi...
October 30 2021

30 Oct 2021 (05:30 PM) - 30 Oct 2021 (08:30 PM)

Bromley Swimming Club Affiliated to Swim England London Region (under Swim England Law and Swim England Technical Rules of Swimming) 200m Time Trials 30 th October 2021 Level 4 Licensed Meet Li...
November 6 2021

06 Nov 2021 - 07 Nov 2021

Full details can be found here Update 2021-10-11 Times from last week-end will be uploaded as soon as they are in the Rankings Our internal deadline is the 15th, as I plan on sending the entries to ... (For these groups: Elite, Gold, Junior, Top)
November 27 2021

27 Nov 2021 - 28 Nov 2021

Entries are open but in a different way: Please say Yes/No and add a comment as to which events you'd like to enter DO NOT EMAIL ME! put a note/comment in TU Swimmers have to be aged 9 or over by m...
December 3 2021

03 Dec 2021 - 05 Dec 2021 Entry deadline is the 25th of November. Entries are not processed by the Club, it is down to each individual to enter onli...
January 15 2022

15 Jan 2022 - 06 Feb 2022

Please read this update from KCASA - 05/09/21