Online meet entries

Switching our website to TeamUnify puts you in control of meet entries for your swimmers. You will be able to enter meets either through the Wandsworth website or through the OnDeck mobile phone app.

Be aware of a few important steps:
  • Make sure you have updated your details in the 'my account' section. You are the account holder and each swimmer is a member. Your account details will be used to communicate with you, there are tabs for each member which should contain any important medical information for your swimmers such as allergies.
  • To enter a meet, from the event box on the home page click on the event which takes you to information about the meet. Note the deadline for entries - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER AFTER THIS DATE!
  • In the top right is a button [Accept/Decline] that takes you through to another page allowing you to choose each swimmer, and to then choose if they plan to attend.
  • If you choose to attend, details of each event is shown which will allow you to enter if they have a time that is inside the qualifying standard for that event. You can change your selection up to the deadline day, but once the deadline passes you are committed.
  • For the moment we are sticking with our normal system for you to pay directly into the WSC gala account. There will be a bank reference code on the information page. Within a few months we will have online payment facilities at the point you enter.
  • The OnDeck phone app is simpler than the webpage so we expect this will become a popular way to enter meets.It is easy to use but doesn't show the same level of detail as the web page.

Any questions, email Chris at
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