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Tickover Timetable: 2nd-29th August 2021

August Bank Holiday - 30th August 2021 (no swimming)

Resuming normal training: 31 August 2021 (Confirmed)


As of Monday 19th July 2021 there will no longer be a requirement for Covid Liaison Officers (CLO) at the swimming sessions. Furthermore, there will be no need for swimmers to pre-register for swimming sessions, and swimmers will no longer need to congregate outside the facilities for the CLO to take a register, they are now able to make their way directly to pool side under the direction of a coach.

Entry and exit to the pools will be back to pre-covid arrangements and one-way systems will no longer be in place.

Changing rooms will be available for use at Rivermead, South Reading and Crosfields however, Bradfield’s changing rooms will not be available before 1st September 2021 due to their current operational scheduling.

You are encouraged to wear masks when entering and leaving the facilities.

Our swimming facilities have not yet confirmed if their spectator areas will be available for use. If this does happen, they will almost certainly be capacity restricted with a mask wearing prerequisite.

Finally, please remember to be considerate to those people around you who could be still vulnerable, particularly if they/you are clinically vulnerable or not yet fully vaccinated.


As this chaotic year finally comes to a close, I would like to take a moment to reflect on our experiences and count our blessings.

Unquestionably, this has to be the most difficult year our club has faced in a very long time beginning with the closing of our local pools resulting in the suspension of our teaching programme and the postponement of meets from club level all the way up to major national events; club championships, home meets, junior leagues, Arena league, masters competitions and water polo matches. Every one of our dedicated members has faced a realm of unforeseen challenges and despite making significant progress, we know we are not yet out of the woods. There is much work left to be done, as many of our swimmers and clubs across the UK remain out of the water as we head into this new year. Nevertheless, we remain confident that with our current partners, along with the promise of new ones, we will rebuild our programme and be better off for it.

Throughout these uncertain months, we have found hope within the swimming community. We have come together like never before to fight for what we love. The level of communication, collaboration and solidarity has simply been wonderful.

While we thought the highlight stories of 2020 would come from successes in the pool, they instead arose from actions taken by our clubs, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents and swimmers.

The events of this year also presented us with another unique opportunity to recommit ourselves to our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and have established new connections that has helped us further grow our initiatives and welcome a greater number of diverse swimmers and families into our membership.

Zoom meetings have also quickly become the norm, as we meet more frequently and exchange ideas and best practices to forge ahead.

With the positives, we also faced the negatives, and the most devastating blow has undoubtedly been to all of our swimmers; our international and national hopefuls, age groupers and those who swim for fun and fitness. For such dedicated, passionate, and driven individuals to be stripped of what they love is the saddest thing of all. But what an incredible sight to see - the online workouts, the support videos, the online quizzes, the online training portal all working in conjunction with the thriving house points system and the inaugural inter-house competition. The creativity has been unstoppable.

And this is only a pause. A break, to further appreciate what we all have.

RSC will continue to create further opportunities moving forwards and together with Swim England, commit to returning all of our members to the pool as swiftly and as safely as possible.

Whilst the pandemic has significantly dented RSC’s finances, it has been necessary to learn and strive to do more with less whilst continuing to endeavour to deliver our programme with minimal interruption.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to actively seek funding via external sources and have applied for several grants however, to date, we have been successful in securing only one.

Thank you to everyone that has been shopping (including myself) via easyfundraising. We currently have 74 supporters who have raised a total of £1845.93. If you haven’t yet registered and wish to help us raise free donations then please click on the following link

As we look towards 2021, our desire for recovery remains resilient and steadfast however, we will require every single one of our membership to collectively support our club to facilitate a full return to training once we are permitted, so that once again, we can all delight in fun, health, fitness and competition and help project RSC’s goals and aspirations into the future.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Coach ^LM


We are still in Tier 4 and all pools remain shut. Swim training for school aged swimmers can resume once we move back in to tier 3. Online training will continue as for previous lockdowns.


Reading Swimming Club has been back to training successfully in the water for the last 14 weeks and keeping everyone safe thanks to the partnerships with our pool providers and the robust COVID measures we have in place, however, last night’s announcement from the Government about a national lockdown will have an impact on our return to swimming plan.

We understand that Swim England are currently in discussions with the Government about the need to allow people to exercise and stay fit during lockdown as this is beneficial to both physical and mental well-being.  We are therefore waiting until Swim England have advised all clubs on the outcome of their discussions with the Government.

The management committee will be planning for all eventualities and will provide further updates over the next few days.  These will be posted on Facebook, TU and Squad WhatsApp chats.

As a community we are confident that we can stay strong, focus on being positive and working together so that we can get through the next few weeks ahead.