Tilehurst Swimming Club :


Since Simon Cowen founded the club 20 years ago, Tilehurst Swimming Club has always been about developing a love for swimming at a young age. The swimmers are taught in a way that does not frustrate them or 'burn them out.' Instead, it provides a healthy community for active children to explore their full potential in and out of the water.

To learn more about our club ethos, please visit the "About Us" section of this site.

TSC Open Meet 2019
20 Oct 2019 (08:15 AM) - 20 Oct 2019 (02:30 PM)
TSC Club Champs 2019
22 Nov 2019 (06:30 PM) - 24 Nov 2019 (01:00 PM)
TSC No Frills Gala
08 Dec 2019 (08:00 AM) - 08 Dec 2019 (01:00 PM)
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