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Elmbridge Phoenix Swimming Club (EPSC) is a competitive swimming club which aims to develop swimmers of all abilities and ages to reach their maximum potential in a fun and enjoyable environment.

The club has an enthusiastic membership of over 220 swimmers of all ages. Our dedicated team of qualified coaches are devoted to embedding excellence in swimming skills.

From Rising Stars at 6 years old, Youth Performance Training and Masters - Our club has a session for you.

We have over 20 hours of pool and dedicated land training time available at Xcel - Walton on Thames, Hurst, the ACS Cobham International School and the 50m pool at Aldershot Garrison.

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Coronavirus - Covid-19 -


Check out EPSC@HOME tab for our Week 1 training plan, consisting of a variety of exercises focusing on specific health and skill related components of fitness.


Further to our update yesterday evening advising you of Swim England's updated guidance to clubs in relation to COVID-19, we have discussed the matter at some length, and decided that all training will be suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

There will, therefore, be no training this evening.

We recognise that some pools are still open, and some clubs are still training, but the numbers are diminishing by the day.

We have not taken this decision lightly, and we are aware that opinions differ about what the right approach is.

Ultimately, we took the view that, as much as we would love to see swimming continue, the health and safety of our swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and parents are paramount, and must take priority over sport.

We realise that this will be bitterly disappointing for our swimmers who had goals they wanted to achieve this season, but we are looking at ways of continuing to engage with the swimmers so that they can maintain their fitness, strength and focus in preparation for when they can swim again.

We will update you in due course about this.

In the meantime, we will of course continue to update you on any further developments in case training can resume.

Stay healthy, everyone.


The Committee will issue a further statement later today (no later than 4pm). Thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times.


As some of you may have already seen, Swim England have issue further guidance this evening in light of the government's updated advice yesterday.

Swim England's guidance can be found here:


We are currently considering how we should move forward in light of this guidance, taking into account the best interests of the swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and parents, and will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments in relation to Swim England's guidance, please do feel free to contact us committee@elmbridgephoenix.com



***We have just been advised by ACS that, in light of the government advice, they will not be able to provide their facilities for external training sessions, including ours, tonight or beyond until further notice, but that they will remain in contact with us in relation to any developments which enable them to reinstate external training activities such as ours.

ALL training at ACS has therefore been suspended until further notice. We will of course keep in contact with them, so that we start training there again at the earliest possible opportunity.

With regard to all other training sessions, unless we advise to the contrary, all training sessions, including tonight, will proceed as per the current timetable.

However, some guidance for all training sessions:

1. Swimmers and parents are reminded of general guidance with respect to not attending if you or anyone you have been in close contact with has a suspected case of Covid-19;

2. Please could swimmers shower before and after using the pool; and

3. Parents should heed the governments advice about social distancing. We recognise and support any parental decisions about attendance or non attendance.

Should circumstances change and we receive new information that results in a change to these plans we will notify you by email, WhatsApp and the website as soon as possible, so please monitor these channels for further communications.


In light of the recent announcement from the PM on new restrictions on travel and contact, there will be NO TRAINING TONIGHT at any of our locations.

We will be speaking with SwimEngland tomorrow and put forward a longer term plan once we receive more information, but if feels prudent to suspend this evening until we gather more information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

FURTHER UPDATE 12 March 18.15

Latest Government advice is to stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

a high temperature
a new continuous cough

This will help to protect others in our swim community while you are infectious. The guidance below remains valid.

UPDATED 12 March 15:47

The club continues to monitor the Coronavirus situation and will be following Government and Swim England advice carefully. At this stage we have no plans for major changes to our training and our planned open meets attendances will continue. However, it is likely that we will see some form of disruption over the coming months. These months include both regional and national level target competitions.

Training will, as much as possible, continue as normal. There are currently no planned changes at any of our training locations. It is highly we will see some disruption and additional measures related to our use of the school pools. Please look out for information, which will be sent on where relevant. It is important that we comply with all school requests.

We would like to remind all members:
Please follow the latest Government advice relating to the spread of Covid-19 at all times - you can read it https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public
Read and follow the hygiene precautions to help reduce the spread of infection https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.

If self-isolation appllies to you or your family then do NOT attend training.

Please note that leisure centres have been closed for extended periods for deep cleaning after someone who was later diagnosed as infected, collected a family member from the facility. We do not want that to happen here if possible.

The measures below are about the spread of infection, you can spread infection without being ill. This advice includes Swimmers, Volunteers, Coaches and Parents. Wherever possible please shower BEFORE going poolside to swim, this keeps the outside out of the pool

- wash your hands with soap and water often
- do this for at least 20 seconds
- always wash your hands when you get to training and when you get home
- cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
- put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards

- touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
- attend training if you are unwell, have a fever and/or cough
- spray pool water from your mouth
- attend training or if you are in self-isolation.

Chronic Conditions / Asthma
Athletes are reminded that optimal control of chronic medical conditions such as asthma are paramount to prevent secondary complications of Coronavirus infection (or any viral illness). Please speak to your doctor if you feel that your long term condition is not under control and ensure you always have a good supply of medications.

Please continue to monitor Team Feed, social media and the website regularly for updates to training and further information. Last minute changes to programme are possible.