Witney and District Swimming Club :

W&DSC aims to provide the communities of West Oxfordshire and the surrounding area with the opportunity to take part and achieve success in competitive swimming in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. We aim to support swimmers to achieve their potential and ambitions, according to their individual ability, commitment and determination to succeed, by:

1. providing high quality coaching and training environments
2. provide Appropriate Athlete Development pathway
3. providing access to an appropriate and necessary amount of pool time
4. providing access to land training and development activities
5. providing a range of competitive swimming opportunities, from local friendly galas to National League, County, Regional and National championships
6. working in partnership with parents, volunteers and swimmers to achieve a supportive environment in which there is mutual respect for all and shared responsibility for a sustainable future
7. working in partnership with local pool operators, swim schools, primary schools and other clubs to provide healthy recruitment of swimmers and optimal access to facilities for training and competition.

We also aim to promote the values of team spirit, strong work ethic and enjoyment of competitive sport - which are important life skills in general - so that swimmers are encouraged to remain in competitive swimming throughout their teenage years and into University swimming, Masters, open water swimming, water polo, triathlon or simply swimming for lifelong fitness. The club is structured into different squads based on age and ability. This structure enables us to provide coaching and training to develop swimmers stroke technique, skills and stamina to prepare them to achieve their best as a competitive swimmer and to enjoy their sport within the team. The Appropriate Athlete Development pathway means all swimmers develop at their own pace and growth.