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Boldmere Membership Fees during Club suspension

22nd March 2020

Dear Club Member,

Keeping everyone safe from Covid-19 virus is clearly the main priority of us all. These are very uncertain and unsettling times for all of us. Our message to all members and families is to keep safe and healthy. The Committee would like to thank all members for your co-operation in the suspension of Club activities at this difficult time.

We really do appreciate that the loss of the club to some members is very traumatic, it is like a bereavement. However, there is hope. We can stay focussed and look forward to recommencing swimming and training later in the year.

We also appreciate that the impact of this will affect families differently and that some of our members will be very badly impacted, whereas for others it will just be inconvenient. Our thoughts and sympathies go to those members who have been badly impacted, but remember you are part of a broader family Boldmere Swimming Club and as such we should unite together to beat this virus. Please do discourage the swimmers for meeting and socialising at this time.

Your Committee is having to consider the effects that this may have on the club. We are anticipating that when we are permitted to open, we will not immediately be back up to full strength for a wide variety of reasons. This will undoubtedly put a significant financial strain on the club that may be very difficult to manage.

Each year the Club pays for some items upfront with the expectation of recovering them over the year. For example; Swim England membership fees of circa £16,000, this covers insurance and the running of Swim England including the payment of their workforce and competitions. This payment was made in early March by the club and we expect to recover this from members over the following 12 months. We have contacted Swim England and received a letter from their CEO Jane Nickerson stating that these fees will not be refunded.

We recognise these uncertain times and want to relieve members of the financial strain of membership as such we will not be drawing any swimming lesson fees and be making an adjustment to the Membership Fee to cover our operating costs and Swim England membership whilst we are in suspense. This fee will be £7/month for Cat 2 swimmers and £4/month for Cat 1 swimmers and is bare minimum to cover committed costs whilst we are closed to help ensure the club can restart and operate once the ban is lifted. We will periodically review this figure if the ban continues for an extended period.

For those who have made annual payments, we will return any unused swimming fees either shortly or at the end of their membership year at their election (we will write to you on a 1:1 basis on this shortly). Those awaiting refunds due to the Castle Vale closure we will determine these over the coming weeks.

We very much recognise that not all families will be in a position to make this payment, the Committee wish to make it clear that this is fully understood and we will not chase payment for this fee, nor penalise any swimmer who does not make a contribution, this will be a private matter between the individuals and the Treasurer function. Any swimmers who do not pay will remain members of the Club until we return to normal service or the end of the year. For those who can support the Club at this difficult time, we are very grateful for this and extend our thanks.

Our objectives are to minimise the damage to the club and ensure we can come back as strong as is reasonably practical.

Once again, the health and safety and peace of mind of all our members is the paramount issue here. May we wish you and your families the best of health over the coming months.


The Committee

Boldmere Swimming Club


Many thanks to those that came forward to offer to stand for committee posts and to volunteer for roles within the club. We will be in touch with you soon to discuss how you can get involved in this interim period.

Even with no swimming taking place, our volunteers are still working hard behind the scenes to keep the club running. If you think you can spare some time and would like to get involved, please contact Natalie Andrews at

Wednesday 1st April 2020, 7:30pm

Trinity Centre, Church Hill, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TF


Completed nomination forms are to be returned to the Club Secretary to arrive no later than the 24th March 2020

For more information and the nomination form CLICK HERE

Coronavirus Advice

Please click here for coronavirus advice

Boldmere Swimming Club is pleased to announce Nova Express Ltd. has become the new Staff Shirt Sponsor

The agreement will see the logistics and storage company logo feature on the arm of the new Black & Red Poolside Staff shirts. Sponsorship has commenced with immediate effect with 60 Staff Shirts ordered, printed and distributed.

Patrick Holly, Boldmere head of Marketing said: "We would like to thank John Richardson MD from Nova Express for his continual support and positivity in getting the Shirt deal over the line, it?s great to see a local business supporting our fantastic Club"

Welcome to Boldmere Swimming Club Website

Boldmere SC is one of the longest established swimming clubs in the Midlands, with the largest number of active members of any sports club in the UK's second city. Currently we have over 500 members attending 17 sessions at 8 venues, with more than 150 regularly taking part in competitive swimming and water polo events.

The club was formed in the 19th century by a group of enthusiasts who swam regularly in the pools of Sutton Park (on the north eastern edge of the Birmingham conurbation) taking its name from the nearby village of Boldmere which today is one of several residential areas that make up the historic Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

Boldmere SC is currently one of the most successful competitive sports clubs in the Midlands, reaching the finals of the Arena National Swimming League in every year since 2009 - where its swimmers have competed successfully against other leading English swimming clubs and their Team GB swimming stars.

Help Boldmere Raise Money by using Easyfundraising

Please help the Club raise money by using the Easyfundraising website whenever you shop online

The site is very simple to use:
1) Go to
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3) You don't need to provide any bank or debit/credit card details, just your name, email address and password for log in
4) Click through to the website you wish to purchase from and buy your items as normal. The cost will be the same but the club will get a donation - usually between 0.5% and 2.5% of the purchase amount.
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Gym Membership Offer for Boldmere Swimming Club Members

Unique 1 Gym (1 Reddicap Trading Estate, B75 7BU Sutton Coldfield)

Swimmers /Water Polo Players*:
- 12-18yrs - half price gym membership (£15/month) (12–16yrs cannot use the weights section but can use all cardio and HIT training and core equipment).
- 18yrs+ - reduced rate gym membership (£22.50/month) Volunteers*: - reduced rate membership (£22.50/month)
- reduced rate membership (£22.50/month)
*Membership will be verified on joining

Swim Therapy Filming / Stroke Analysis Opportunity for Boldmere Swimming Club Members

Boldmere Swimming Club have a special arrangement with Swim Therapy to offer filming / swim stroke analysis opportunities to our competitive swimmers for a minimum of 1 session per season.

The sessions will enable the swimmer to observe what they are doing in the water & bring the filming back to implement corrective / developmental drills within their program (in communication with their head coach).

Timing this in pre to early season is ideal, so before or during the training phase over the first cycle (August to December).

These sessions will be at a specially arranged reduced rate (payment to be made at the Swim Therapy Head Office on the day of your session)

*Reduced rate* 90 minute 2 stroke session: £95-£110 (normal price: £165-00)**
*Reduced rate* 60-minute 1 stroke session: £70-£85 (normal price: £130-00)

To book your place contact the Swim Therapy Head Office on 01162325833.

** Please note those swimmers with 4 strokes to film will require 2 x 90 minute sessions

For more information on Swim Therapy visit