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2021 Daventry Dolphins Annual Membership

Open for Returning Members

31/12/20 - 28/02/21

Open for New Members

31/12/20 - 01/12/21


2021 Membership Renewal

Happy New Year to you all.

It’s that time of year when we ask all members to renew their membership with Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club.  The renewal process comes in two parts:

(If you are a new member and currently do not have an team unify account, please create an account for yourself by clicking on the New Members Button and following the instructions, the parent/guardian will be the account holder and the swimmer will then need to be added to your account)

The renewal process is in two parts:

1(a). Agreeing to the Members Consent Forms: These forms include; The Medical Release  & DDSC Liabiity Waiver, Childrens Code of Conduct, Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct and Consent for Photography and Images. This process should not take long to complete.

1(b) Completing the Covid 19 Health Screening & Training Declaration Survey

2. Payment of the Annual Membership Fee: A separate invoice with details of the annual membership fee will be emailed to each member separately  by our new Hon Club Treasurer Elle Harrison

The membership fee which is payable annually from 1st January 2021 includes the mandatory affiliation fees to the national, regional and county governing bodies for swimming - Swim England, Swim England East Midland and Northamptonshire Amateur Swimming Association. It also includes a small fee that goes to the club to cover the club insurance, league affiliations and club admistration expenses for the year.

The deadline for all annual renewals payments is 20th February 2021.

We look forward to having you renewing your membership with Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club again and look forward to another great year!

Please note the deadline for completing your Membership Renewal is 20th February 2021.

If you experience difficulties with any part of the renewal process please contact Joanne Laidlaw [email protected] or Kian [email protected]

Thank you for renewing your membership with Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club in readiness for another great year ahead!

The Committee


Online Renewal Instructions

At the bottom of the page click on the green button which saysContinue or Check Status’

It will then take you through to a page which details your account information. Please ensure you complete all the fields highlighted with a red star *

For the ‘Guardian’ fields please refer to the guidance below:

  • If you are the Parent Account Holder, please add your details and one other as the parent guardians of the swimming member.
  • If you are the Account Holder, but also a swimming member (ie: you are in Aqua Squad), please provide contacts details of someone who has the legal authority and the corresponding duty to care for the personal and property interests of yourself (eg: partner, children, parents etc.,) 

Once this page is complete press the green ‘Continue’ button

Please place a tick in the box for the ‘Member(s)’ and place a tick in the box of the ‘Medical Release Waiver’ and the ‘Liability Waiver’, then press the green ‘Continue button’.

It will then take you through to a page that says ‘Account info’ and ‘Registration Fees’. Please the click on the green button that says ‘Submit Registration’.

This will then take you through to a page that says SUCCESS! Well done the first part of your registration is complete