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New Masters Registration

Open for Returning Members

01/09/17 - 31/12/50

Open for New Members

01/09/17 - 31/12/50


Ealing Swimming Club Registration 

Welcome to our registration and swim Club management application TeamUnify. 

Please note this form is only applicable after you have been assessed. If you have not had your assessment, please click HERE to book an accessment.

New Members: once you have completed this registration process, you will get access to your own private account that will enable you to monitor your swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.  Please read carefully the section ‘System Information’ then proceed to ‘Working through the registration forms’

System Information

Please note that although this is an American version of the software, it is widely used by many UK swimming Clubs. 

  • Please ensure to insert your postcode in CAPS and properly formatted
  • Dates are entered using the Uk format; dd/mm/yyyy. (You may need to type this in)

Working through the registration forms:

1. To begin registration:

  • New Members: at the bottom of this page, select the red button 'register now' and then select the option 'New Member’ as this is the first time you will be logging in. You will be asked to create a your own unique password and it will take you through the steps for setting up an account.

2. An Account is a household. All of the swimmers in one household are part of one Account. Under Account contact details, you will be asked to provide the billing name, this should be the main contact person/parent. When completing this section:

  • Fields with red stars are required fields.
  • Please enter as many details as possible except for ‘SMS’ and 'Insurance' information which are not required
  • Except for post codes, when entering your information please do not use all UPPERCASE or all lowercase but proper mixed case typing
  • Please ensure the ‘First name’ field is the first name of the main contact person/parent for the account. If any swimmer on your Account is under 18, this must be a parent/guardian.

3. The 'Member Section' is where the swimmer information is located, siblings should be entered under the same account.

  • You must click to add a swimmer to your Account if they are not already on it.
  • Please check that all current swimmers are listed and that their details are correct, if not, please add/amend as required.
You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to tick each box to accept the agreements, then click the continue button.

4. Under the medical information, please use the fields to enter any important medical information, such as allergies, medicines and any other information you think the Club and coaches should be aware of.

5. For each swimmer, please select your allocated squad as advice by your invitation email.

6. All squad training fees are payable by monthly Direct Debit only.

7. FOR MASTERS / WATERPOLO / ADULT TRIATHLON your members information and account information will be the same. Please fill out both..

8. On joining you will asked to make an Initial payment of the joining fee andthe first month's fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any queries as you complete this registration process –; Tel: 07716 219331

ESC is a registered Charity in England and Wales No 142189, that is organised with a two-tier board structure. There is an Operating Board which oversees the day-to-day running of the Club, and a Trustee Board that ensures accurate governance and compliance. The Club holds an AGM each year when it reports to the membership and elects the Trustees. Volunteers are active across all aspects of the Club from Club administration to becoming ASA Officials. We would really appreciate if you could give up your time in any capacity.
We are looking forward to the new season and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.