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2024 Registration

Open for Returning Members

30/11/23 - 03/12/24

Open for New Members

30/11/23 - 03/12/24


Welcome to the Staines Swimming Club online registration system!  

If you are a parent, and already have a swimmer in the club, please login at the start of the registration. Otherwise you will end up with a duplicate account and have to redo the registration.

Do not use for learn to swim.

The first part of the registration asks for details to set up the parents' account.  If you already have an account check the details are correct. Please ensure that you have provided two sets of emergency contact details which is a requirement of Swim England and is particularly important in the current COVID -19 environment. 

The next part of the registration is for the swimmer (member).  For new swimmers, click the add new member button to provide the swimmer's details. 

For existing swimmers, tick the swimmers that you are registering.   Check that their details are correct and to select the squad they are in.  

You will also have to confirm that you have read the codes of conduct.

Continue to the next part of the registration to check the summary and read about payment. The joining fee / annual renewal fee set at £46 for 2023 covers items such as mandatory membership with Swim England, administration costs, transaction charges and insurance. This fee covers the period of 1st Dec 2022 to 30th Nov 2023.

Once you are happy press "Proceed to Checkout" and after a final review click to complete the registration..

Once the registration is complete and payment is processed, you'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to see your children's personal bests, maintain your own contact information easily and review your invoices.  You'll also be able to enter galas and sign-up to help out.  Don't forget to look for the app called "OnDeck" for iPhone and Android.

We look forward to having you join Staines Swimming Club!