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2019 RTW Monson New Membership / Renewal

Open for Returning Members

20/12/18 - 31/01/19

Open for New Members

20/12/18 - 01/12/19


Dear Swimmer and Parent / Guardian

Membership Renewals 2019 – Fee Structure

We attach details of membership and subscriptions for RTW Monson Activities.



Each person who wishes to swim / play in 2019 is required to recheck and amend their details on Team Unify before swimming (by signing any pop-up waivers) and pay an annual fee to become a member.  This year the annual membership fee is unchanged for swimmers and aligned for Waterpolo (£105), however, the Club Committee recognise that this initial cost is expensive so in a change to previous years, the initial outlay is lower with the remainder being spread across the years monthly subs.  As agreed at the AGM, there will be a £50 payment, which covers the administration costs of being a member of the ASA, all related insurance and dry membership of one parent. 

2. Support Your Club -PARENTS – Please complete a new membership window for yourself to be a member  

We actively encourage parents to become dry members, as we are primarily a junior club that is run by its parent members.  You will have seen many parents helping on poolside, on the membership desk and supporting the club in various roles including gala entries, support coaches and swimming officials and we always welcome more parents to support our club.  By being a dry member, you will also be given an ASA number, which insures you to be poolside and the ability to vote on any decisions taken at our AGM, supporting in the running of the club.  There is an additional fee of £5 per parent if any additional parents / guardians wish to be members. Parents / adult members who volunteer for the club are entitled to a £30 reduction from the membership fee.  There is no entitlement to a refund to the annual membership fee and 4 weeks notice is required to end membership

3. Pay Your Annual Membership

 Annual Membership fees

Before 31st January 2019

After 31st January 2019

Individual membership (1st swimmer) of swimmer  / player under age of 18 (includes dry membership for parent/guardian)



Subsequent swimmers / players from the same family



Individual membership for swimmers / players over the age of 18



Dry membership



Membership Surcharge – Please note the cut-off date of 31st January 2019 will be strictly adhered to there is a short timeframe in which to renew membership with the ASA.  It will help it you are able to acknowledge via Team Unify and pay the annual membership fee as soon as possible.  If Team Unify verification and payment are not received before this date, a surcharge of £50 per swimmer is payable – see above.


4. Arrange Your Monthly Standing Order for Squad Swimming and Waterpolo Monthly Subscriptions

All subscriptions are due on the 1st of the month. 

There has been a slight increase in the monthly subscriptions of all squads to reflect the additional costs of pool hire and staffing. (Please see table below for details).  Note also that these monthly fees include part of the membership now paid monthly.  If the swimmer accepts a place in a squad they are expected to attend as many sessions as possible (85%), although we recognise that swimmers may not be able to attend all of the sessions on offer.  Reduced fees will not be available as the club’s costs are fixed regardless of whether the swimmer attends or not. Subscription costs account for periods when no swimming is offered e.g. for summer / winter breaks, and unforeseen pool closures. If the swimmer is injured and unable to swim for 4 weeks or more due to ill health / injury, a subscription refund can be offered with agreement of the Membership Secretary, but this must be advised from the outset.  If the swimmer wishes to stop swimming, 4 weeks’ notice is required as per the constitution.  Due to the reduction in annual membership there is no entitlement to a refund to the annual membership fee and 4 weeks notice is required to end membership.

Squad Monthly Subscription (1st of the month)

If you are unsure which squad, your child is in, please contact: membershipenquiry.rtwmonson@gmail.com


Monthly subscription

Annual subscription

Water Polo















Development A



Age / Age Plus

£127 / 135

£1524 / £1620

Youth / Youth Plus

£89 / £129

£1068 / £1548




Swim School Fees


Monson Swim School offers swimming lessons following the ASA levels, with Stage 8 as preparation for competitive swimming.  It mirrors Kent school term times and there is no swimming during half term. Membership fees are not required for stage 2-8, however, if a parent wishes to obtain a dry membership, please complete a membership form and pay £5.

You will receive notification by email at the end of each term which stage your child will be offered for the next terms swimming.  This letter will outline payment.  All payments need to be received prior to the end of the previous term to secure a place.

Based on 10 sessions per term, the following is due termly (you will be notified each term the exact fee, based on the number of lessons in that term):

30-minute lesson: £105 (Stages 3-7), 40-minute lesson (Stage 8): £114.50



All Payments Should be By BACS or monthly Standing Order to:

RTW Monson SC, Sort: 60-21-10, Acct: 96833025 and reference as below.

Annual Membership

Please make a separate payment per family by BACS for the correct amount to (or as a cheque to RTW Monson SC with details written on the back). You can pay this in one payment per family (No payment required for children in Swim School).  Ref: AnnMemb Surname


Monthly Swimming / Playing Fee for Squads: Please set up a standing order online, (1 payment per child) please do so for 1st January – 1st December 2019 only (12 payments) Ref: SquadSurname

RTW Monson Swim School: Please pay by BACS to the Monson Bank Account ref: LTSSurname