Membership Information

Terms of Membership

  • ​​My child is in good health and I consider him/her capable of participating in the activities at Wandsworth SC.  I have completed the Medical Conditions section, and consent that in the event of any illness/accident, any necessary treatment can be administered to my child, which may include the use of anesthetic.
  • The Club only accepts responsibility for its members while on poolside during training sessions and at Club sponsored galas.

  • Children will often be left unattended by a Parent/Guardian during a training session; and the competitive swimming policy of the Club will mean that most children will participate in Galas.  It is assumed that, unless the Parent/Guardian accompanies the child, the Club officials have the authority to authorize any immediate medical care that might arise whilst at the Gala or during the coaching session.  It is, therefore, imperative that the Club is informed of any changes in medicines that the child is using and any medical problems before every Gala or Teaching Session.  A contact number should also be given whenever a Parent/Guardian is not in attendance

  • The Club has a Code of Conduct, which can be found on the website covering safety, respect for officials and coaches, bullying and general behaviour, breaches of which may result in disciplinary action and expulsion.

  • I/we give our consent for our daughter/son, if chosen to swim for WSC, to travel by coach to and from Putney Leisure Centre to away inter club galas.

  • The Club is required to provide data on all members to the ASA (name, gender, address, date of joining, and DOB for swimmers) for insurance purposes, to which I/we consent.

  • I will compete in swimming events for Wandsworth Swimming Club.

  • This Application is subject to approval of the Management Committee.

  • I/we will be responsible for the payment of all fees, due and payable until such time as the Membership Secretary is notified, in writing, of my/our desire to resign and, in turn, acknowledges my/our desire to resign from the Club/ASA. One months’ notice is required.

  • The Club is a non-profit making organization run by a group of volunteers. I/we will assist in the running of the club wherever possible.