Membership Information

                                                  Guildford City Membership Information                                               

The Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a registered Charity. We are also registered with the HMRC for Gift Aid. 


 Club Membership

A condition of membership to the Club is that you accept all the terms stated in this letter and in the following documents: Club Constitution, and other policy documents all of which are available on the Club Website under “Documentation”.

It is the responsibility to keep all contact details and medical information up to date on the club’s online membership system TeamUnify.  The Club uses email to disseminate information.


Once a swimmer enters the water or a month has passed after the payment due date it is deemed that you have accepted all of the Clubs Terms and Conditions, and a full term's fees are due. The Club does not accept part payment.


Safety and Welfare

Swimmers are asked to be vigilant in the changing areas at all times as the facilities are open to other members of the public.  Should you notice any damage to any of the individual cubicles no matter how small please report it to the Duty Manager of the Centre.  We recommend that all swimmers change in a group changing area.

The ASA, Club and Schools who pools we hire have very clear guidelines for Parents changing small children in group changing areas.  These guidelines are sent out separately and should be read before the start of term.  Under no circumstances should parents enter changing areas of the opposite sex.

No photography or filming of lessons is permitted at any time without express permission of the Guildford City Staff and the appropriate consent being obtained from the parents of the swimmers concerned. This is the policy of most leisure centres and school pools and is in line with the ASA’s child welfare guidelines as set out in the Wavepower document available online  -

Club Welfare Officer

The Club’s welfare officer is Caroline Wood. Should you wish to contact Caroline in confidence please email her at or telephone 07977 407686.


Photography and Filming

Please note that no photography or videoing is allowed on the premises at any times unless with the express permission of the coach and duty manager in charge and an entry has been made in the club record book. This includes mobile phones – please ensure that swimmers do not take photographs with their mobile phones. For more information please contact the Club Secretary.


Physiotherapist and Nutritionist

The club has access to a physiotherapist and nutritionist and contact details can be found on the website. Any arrangements and payments for service should be negotiated and arranged direct.


Accidents and Incidents

Although the Club has relatively few accidents/incidents, a report must be made on each occasion and any witnesses asked for a statement and the report entered into the club book which is a requirement of our insurers. All coaches carry copies of the forms in their staff folders. Please contact Janette Smith for more information at email address below.



The Club is run by a Voluntary Committee details of all Committee members are on the website.  We ask all parents/guardians/masters to help with club activities in order to ensure the club runs smoothly.  So please volunteer to help at any of the events, we are happy to train any members willing to help.

If you would like to get involved and perhaps become a squad representative please contact membership.


We rely on the help of our parents/masters to help run all of the Club events. We are also fortunate to have many members still returning to help.  So please bear in mind that all helpers are volunteers.


Payment of Invoices

All membership charges are managed through the online system TeamUnify.  On joining the club an account will be created with details provided on the membership form. An email will then be sent giving details on how to log in and create a password.  Any charges from the club will appear in the Invoice/Payment section of the system.  A link to the TeamUnify system is also on the home page of the Guildford City website.


Training membership fees for the term must be paid by the Payment Due Date on the invoice. This is important as we are a non profit making organisation.


The membership team, on behalf of the committee, reserve the right to impose a £10 surcharge to invoices that remain outstanding after the payment due date.


Members who wish to discuss the timing of their payment must contact Liz Simmons before the payment due date to avoid this surcharge.


Payment should be made by bank transfer:

Account Name: Guildford City SC

Sort Code: 40 17 69, Account No: 01404962

Reference: swimmers initials and surname


The club no longer accepts payment by cheque or cash.

If you have any queries about your invoice or wish to adjust it please contact Liz Simmons.

Altered & Cancelled Sessions

It is important to check the 'Altered Sessions' on the club website before each session, as any changes to training /lessons will be announced here first.

On occasions training/lessons may be cancelled and where we know this in advance it will be on the Altered Sessions. This may be due to an event such as a designated meet. However, sometimes we have to cancel sessions at the last minute and if possible we will announce this on the Altered Sessions and send an email. If it is very last minute it may be just a text from the coach.

Guildford City do not offer refunds for these sessions, however, if a pool is unavailable for a prolonged period every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative. This is taken into account when calculating the fees for the year.

Swim England (ASA) Membership

A condition of membership of the club is that all swimmers must automatically also become Guildford City affiliated members of our umbrella organisation Swim England. The club will apply for membership on behalf of all members via their online system.

Swim England membership insures your child whilst swimming/ competing.

It is a requirement of the Guildford City constitution that all swimmers under the age of 18 must have a nominated parent who is a category 3 member of Swim England. The parent who has completed the club membership form will automatically be signed up unless the membership is informed otherwise.

The club will register all members using Swim England's online registration system.  There is no form for members to complete.

All members can check their Swim England membership online -  


Club Membership Fee / Gift Aid
The club membership fee is a proportion of the squad fees separated out for accounting purposes only and therefore due on a termly basis making no difference to the overall fee charged.

If you are a UK tax payer the club membership fee can be declared as Gift Aid and reclaimed by the club in order to help with club finances.  All you need to do is complete the form on the website - .  This only needs to be done once.


Invoice Adjustments

These pro rata discounts are made if a swimmer joins the club after the start of term.


Parents and Guildford City’s Duty of Care re Minors during and after Swimming Sessions

For children up to the Age of 7 (or older if deemed necessary by parent/Club), parents must remain on poolside for the duration of the class, therefore ensuring that they collect their child promptly at the end of the session from the area designated by the Club.

For children aged 8 and over parents are advised to stay within the confines of the building and must meet their child promptly at the end of the session from the designated area.  Parents are advised to stay within the confines of the building and must meet their child promptly at the end of the session from the designated area.  However the Club also realises that this is not always practical for busy parents particularly where sessions are over an hour.  If a parent wishes to leave the building arrangements should be made with another responsible adult to collect the child promptly at the end of the session should they be delayed.  If this has not been done and the parent is unavoidably delayed the parent must make every effort to contact the venue, coach or another parent at the session so that the child and coach can be informed and a suitable waiting place found for the child.

Many older children may have mobile phones and in such circumstances and can be contacted by their parents.  Parents must decide themselves whether those children need supervising  (for instance children of Secondary school age) and set out with their child their own plan of action should they fail to pick up promptly at the end of the session. 

Similarly parents must ensure that if they fail to collect the child at all and no contact has been made, the child knows that they should contact their coach (or any coach if they are not available) and let them know the situation.  The coach should follow the guidance in the Coaches duty re Failure of Parent to Collect Child.  It is particularly important for this to happen in large venues such as SSP, Spectrum or the Garrison as coaches cannot search the venues to ensure all children have been collected.

[Where the word Parent is used– please read guardian or other responsible adult]

Late Arrivals To Lessons/Coaching

We do understand that occasionally and due to circumstances beyond your control it is impossible for swimmers to arrive promptly for the start of their lesson.  Please ensure that all late arrivals report to their lead coach poolside for registration before entering the water.  


Training at Surrey Sports Park (SSP)

You may use the car park in front of the Sports Park, if that is full please use the overflow car park on the approach road to the centre.  Please do not double park.


The Sports Park has asked the Club to the following rules:

1.         Adults accompanying swimmers may not enter the changing village unless absolutely necessary to do so;

2.         Only swimmers, coaches and committee are allowed on poolside with appropriate pool shoes/covers.

  3.         Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

4.         No bags of any kind can be taken on poolside. There will be a room provided at the side of the pool to store swimmers bags. Swimmers will still have easy access to medication etc.


There is free wireless internet access via The Cloud.




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