05-Jan-2019 - 2018 Club Championship Results
Please click on the link below to acces the 2018 Results. The results are split into 6 categories: Group A/Group B/Group C/Group D/Open Sprints swum in November and the Open Distance events swum in ...
15-Nov-2018 - Christmas & New Year Break 2018-19
We will be closed for Christmas between Saturday 21st December 2018 and Saturday 5th January 2019. We will return to sessions from Sunday 6th January at Wilesedn and Vale Farm and Tuesday 8th January...
02-Jul-2018 - Barnet Summer Invitational Results
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18-Jun-2018 - Ealing End of Season Results 2018
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10-Jun-2018 - Kate Lack Results
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17-Mar-2018 - Middx Spring Dev Meet 2018
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28-Feb-2018 - Ealing Regional Qualifier Results Brent Dolphins
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