15-Jun-2019 - Club Championship
Guide to club championship With the club championship fast approaching, we often get asked what the kids should be entering. We?ve come up with a guide for minimum expectations for each squad, the...
10-Jun-2019 - Club Records Updated as of 10.06.19
The Club Records have been updated and are now on the Documents Tab Congratulations to those that have achieved new records. Girls Boys...
04-Jun-2019 - Tudor League 5 - RESULTS
30-May-2019 - Gravesham Borough and Schools Champs
Entry forms and program of events have been added to the Events page
04-May-2019 - Medway Championships 3 - Results
30-Apr-2019 - Beachfield Open Accepted Entries now added
Please see the Event page for Beachfield Open to see accepted entries
30-Apr-2019 - Beachfield Change of Events and Session Times
Initial session time projections indicated that we were going over the max permitted 3 hours in session 2 significantly, hence I have had to change the programme very slightly by moving event 9 (boy...