12-Jul-2021 - Medway Championships
21-Apr-2020 - Club Records Updated
The Club Records have been updated Congratulations to the following swimmers that have set new records in the last 6 months. Boys Jarred Adams Thomas Long Anthony Morgan Daniel Oliver Girls Isabella ...
17-Mar-2020 - *Medways Championships 21.03.2020 - Cancelled*
Hi, This weekends Medway Championships has been cancelled. The Medway Excom will look to schedule this later in the year. There is still no announcements on the open meets we are attending. As soon a...
28-Feb-2020 - Kent Relay Champs
Kent Team Championships Event Update. Hello All We have been advised that there is another event (not swimming) in the main hall on Saturday, which will put pressure on parking spaces. We have attache...
19-Feb-2020 - Closing date for Black Lion Spring Open is 9th March
T Black Lion Spring Open Meet to be held at Medway Park on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of May. This is a First come first serve basis for entries and therefore the closing date is Monday 9th of Mar...
15-Feb-2020 - Crawley Open Meet
The closing date for the Crawley Open has been extended to Monday evening. Please can those entering make sure that the entry fee money is paid by then. There are entry times that you need to be fas...
04-Feb-2020 - Change of location for Millenium League
For those selected for the millenium league this Saturday february 8th. Please note there is a change of location to Sevenoaks Leisure Centre, Buckhurst Lane, Sevenaoks, Kent. TN13 1LW
17-Jan-2020 - Erith Spring Charity Meet + Basildon Open Meet
The closing date for the Erith Spring Charity open meet is this weekend. Please enter this competition via the club website. Please note that the entry fees need to be paid before entries can be ac...
16-Jan-2020 - Kent Champs Information
Kent County ASA Championships 2020 (License 1SE200205 , 1SE200206 , 1SE200207). The Championships are almost upon us, so a good time to remind people of a few key points. Please forward this to you...
11-Jan-2020 - Kent Accepted Entries
Kent Accepted entries along with the close but not quite accepted and the program with session times have been posted on the documents page of the website. There have been nearly 1200 rejections which...
11-Jan-2020 - Erith Spring Charity Meet 7th/8th March
The Erith Spring Charity meet is now on the club website to enter. The closing date for this is Saturday 18th January. It will be held at Crook Log leisure centre and the entry fees are £5.25 per ev...
18-Dec-2019 - Kent Weald Open Accepted Entries
Hi, the accepted entries for the Kent Weald Open are now on the club website. Go to the Events page and then click on the Kent Weald Open to find them. Entry Fees are due now so if you have not alre...
16-Nov-2019 - Black Lion Open Accepted Entries
Hi Everyone, The Accepted Entries list for the Black Lion Open are now on the club website. Please check your entries and pay for the events that you have been accepted for if you have not already. ...
16-Nov-2019 - Helpers Needed for Medways 50/200 Gala
Hi Everyone, Help is desperately needed to run the Medways 50/200 Gala at Medway park tomorrow. They particularly need someone on the door from 10am please for just the 1st session, someone to do dr...
04-Nov-2019 - Closing Date for Black Lion is tonight
Hi, the closing date for the Black Lion Open is tonight. I will be at both pools this evening to collect entries (NWK 6.50pm-7.10pm and 8.50pm-9.15pm and Cygnets 7.30pm-8.30pm). ***Update*** follow...
23-Oct-2019 - Bromley Open And Open Meet Fees
Accepted/Rejected entries are now on the club website on the Bromley Open page in the Events section. Fees are now due for the events that you have been accepted in to. There are still some outstandin...
23-Oct-2019 - Kent Development Meet Information
Please read the note from the administrators for this weekends gala. Kent Development Meet 2019 (3SE192214) Although we have 438 different swimmers over the weekend, we are short of volunteer offic...
17-Oct-2019 - New Payment System
Hi All, We are rolling out the new payment system with TeamUnify(provider for OnDeck and website management) where you will be able to pay using a Credit or Debit card as a monthly recurring system. T...
15-Oct-2019 - Kent Development Accepted Entries and Black Lion Open
Kent Development Accepted Entries are now on the club website on the Events page. Everyone was accepted which is good news. This is a sign out event, which means that the if you are not swimming then ...
08-Oct-2019 - Medway Championships 5 - Results
02-Oct-2019 - Medwa Championships 4 Results
25-Sep-2019 - Fireworks Meet Accepted Entries
The Fireworks Meet on the 2nd/3rd of November accepted entries are now on our website. Go to the Events page and click on the Fireworks meet and the list is there. Can you please check to make sure yo...
23-Sep-2019 - Bromley Open added
The Bromley Xmas Gold open meet has been added to the website. The closing date is this Saturday (28th September) as this meet gets full very early. We have tried to enter this meet for the past 2 s...
05-Sep-2019 - Kent Weald Open added plus reminder of Closing Dates
Kent Weald Open entries and information are now on the website. Closing date for this is the 21st September. The Open is virtually full already which is why we are asking for entries early. We will ...
16-Jul-2019 - Kent Development Meet and Erith Fireworks Meet added
Two Open Meets have been added to the Calendar/Events page. These are: Kent Development Meet 26th and 27th October at Medway Park. Closing date 28th September. Erith Fireworks Meet 2nd and 3rd Novem...
11-Jul-2019 - Tudor League 6 - Results
15-Jun-2019 - Club Championship
Guide to club championship With the club championship fast approaching, we often get asked what the kids should be entering. We’ve come up with a guide for minimum expectations for each squad, the...
10-Jun-2019 - Club Records Updated as of 10.06.19
The Club Records have been updated and are now on the Documents Tab Congratulations to those that have achieved new records. Girls Boys...
04-Jun-2019 - Tudor League 5 - RESULTS
30-May-2019 - Gravesham Borough and Schools Champs
Entry forms and program of events have been added to the Events page
04-May-2019 - Medway Championships 3 - Results
03-May-2019 - Important Information for Black Lion Open
Please go to the Black Lion Open page under Events and read the Important on the day information and also the updated warm up schedule.
30-Apr-2019 - Beachfield Open Accepted Entries now added
Please see the Event page for Beachfield Open to see accepted entries
30-Apr-2019 - Beachfield Change of Events and Session Times
Initial session time projections indicated that we were going over the max permitted 3 hours in session 2 significantly, hence I have had to change the programme very slightly by moving event 9 (boy...
17-Apr-2019 - Black Lion Accepted Entries and warm up times now added
All information added to the Open meet page on the Events tab
01-Apr-2019 - Change of Beachfield Entry Date
The entry date has changed to Friday 12th April. Please make sure entries are in by this date to avoid missing out.
28-Mar-2019 - Medway Championships 2 Results
22-Mar-2019 - Parking at Medway Champs 23.03.19
There are travellers taking up to a third of the parking at medway park and therefore space is limited. Make sure you leave early as you may need to park and walk to the pool
12-Mar-2019 - Beachfield Open meet details added
02-Mar-2019 - Tudor League 2 - Results
19-Feb-2019 - Medway Championships 1 Results
18-Feb-2019 - Black Lion Open Meet information added
Go to the Events page for information
18-Feb-2019 - Erith Spring Charity Meet Confirmed Session times added
Go to the Event page for information
12-Feb-2019 - Medway Championships 16/2/19 - Reminder
Medway Championships 1 - Saturday 16th February Location: Medway Park Time: 5pm for a 5:30pm warm up ​ A reminder that the following swimmers have entered for Medways this Saturday: Stuart R Athina Ge...
05-Feb-2019 - Spring Charity accepted Entries added
16-Jan-2019 - Tudor League 1 - Results 2019
14-Jan-2019 - Kent Champs Accepted Entries and Session times added to Documents page
07-Jan-2019 - Crawley Long Course Meet added to Website
Please see competition for entry forms
21-Dec-2018 - Club Records Updated
See Documents page for Link
14-Dec-2018 - Revised Warm up times for Thanet Open
Revised Warm up times See Event Page for info
12-Dec-2018 - Spring Charity Meet entry information now on website
12-Dec-2018 - Medway/Tudor League/WHL dates added to calendar
12-Dec-2018 - Accepted Entries for Kent Weald added
06-Oct-2018 - Medway Championships 4 RESULTS
29-May-2018 - Erith Masters Open - Results
29-May-2018 - Tudor League 5 - Results
12-May-2018 - Tudor League 4 - Results
06-May-2018 - Medway Championships 3 - Results
31-Mar-2018 - Tudor League 3 - Results
31-Mar-2018 - Tudor League 2 - Results
31-Mar-2018 - Medway Championships 2 - Results
18-Mar-2018 - Medway Championships 24/3/18 Mote Park
Medway Championships 24/3/18 This is a reminder that Medways are at MOTE PARK, Maidstone ME15 7RN this coming Saturday 24th March. Warm Up starts at 5:30pm so please arrive no later thatn 5pm . ...
09-Mar-2018 - Sponsorship by Embridge Consulting
GNSC would like to thank Embridge Consulting for sponsoring the new club hoodies and zoodies for the gala squads. These will be awarded to all the swimmers that take part in the Tudor League, Whiteh...
04-Mar-2018 - EDSC and OOJ spring meet start times changes
02-Mar-2018 - Swimming Cancelled
Dear Members, Due to the unpredictability of the weather at this current time we feel it would be wise to cancel swimming tonight and tomorrow morning. We will also be cancelling the LTS swimming gala...
24-Feb-2018 - Medway Championships 1 Results
24-Jan-2018 - Tudor League 1 - Results
15-Jan-2018 - Accepted Entries Kents 2018
Please see Accepted Entries for Kents
16-Dec-2017 - Masters Swimming Calendar 2018
2018 Masters Competition Calendar Dates Event Location 20th/21st January South East LC Regional Masters (LC) K2 – Crawley 4th March Kent v Sussex Masters Challenge Cup St Johns, Royal Tunbridge Wells ...
09-Dec-2017 - Kent Qualifying times for 2018 is now available
Click here for the Kent Qualifying times for 2018.
09-Dec-2017 - The club disco is tonight!
The club disco and presentation is this evening at Cascades. Start time: 7.00 pm
03-Dec-2017 - Medway Championships 50/200m Results
14-Nov-2017 - Reminder: Medway Championships 19/11/17 Update
Update : I have been advised that the warm up for session 2 should be at approximately 2:30pm. If you are swimming in this session please arrive in plenty of time, and also keep an eye out on the web...
12-Nov-2017 - Medway Championships 19/11/17
Medway Championships 50/200m 19/11/17 Reminder to all those that have entered for the Medway Championships 50/200m on Sunday 19th November Location: Medway Park Warm Up: 11am (please arrive with plen...
03-Nov-2017 - National Masters Championships
At the weekend 9 of our Senior and Masters swimmers attended Sheffield to compete in the National Masters Championships. We were the second largest club from Kent to attend which is also a great achi...
11-Oct-2017 - Medway Championships 5 Results
06-Oct-2017 - Reminder -Medways tomorrow 7/10/17
Reminder to all those who have entered to compete at the Medway championships it is tomorrow Saturday 7th October. Please be aware that it is at Mote Park Leisure Centre in Maidstone. Warm up starts a...
30-Sep-2017 - Reminder - Kent Development Meet Entries Deadline
Kent Development Meet Entries Deadline Just a reminder that if you wish to enter for the Kent Development Meet on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October at Medway Park entries must be submited by MON...
24-Sep-2017 - Medway Championships 4 Results
09-Sep-2017 - Medway Championships 5 - 7/10/17
Medway Championships - 7/10/17, Warm Up 5:30pm If you wish to compete in the next Medway Championships which will be held at Mote Park, Maidstone then entries need to be received by the LATEST ...
09-Sep-2017 - Reminder - Medway Championships 16/9/17
A reminder to all that are competing in the upcoming Medway Championships it is this Saturday 16th September . This is being held at Medway Park, Mill Road, Gillingham ME7 1HF Warm Up starts at 5...
17-Aug-2017 - Please Read - Club Championships
Our Club Championships are fast approaching! They will be taking place on the following dates: Session 1 - 10th September - Cygnets Session 2 - Session 3 - 23rd September - Strood Sports Centre Sessio...
04-Jul-2017 - Tudor League 6 24/6/17 Results
04-Jun-2017 - White horse gala 3/6/17
Whitehorse Gala 3/6/17 Well done to all those who swam in the White Horse League at Eltham last night. GNSC came 5th overall. A great night with some fabulous PBs. 👍
25-May-2017 - Tudor League Gala 5 results
21-May-2017 - EDSC Masters Meet Results
Well done to everyone who took part at the EDSC Masters Open Meet on Sunday 21st May at Crook Log. To see the results please use the below link:
07-May-2017 - Medway Championships 6/5/17 results
06-May-2017 - Reminder for Medway gala 6/5/17
Reminder Medway Gala The medway gala will be held Medway Park and warm up will be at 5:30pm Good luck to everyone competing, just remember its about PB's
05-May-2017 - Tudor League Gala 4 results
14-Apr-2017 - Tudor League Gala 1 results
14-Apr-2017 - Tudor League Gala 2 results
14-Apr-2017 - Tudor League Gala 3 results
04-Apr-2017 - Medway Gala
We had some excellent results at the recent Medway Gala