Peanuts Round 3 2017

Saturday 8th July saw the third and final round of the Peanuts League for this year.

Although we had problems in trying to pull a full team together, and in the end we had a number of boys swim up to cover, what a job they all did!!

At the end of the evening we came 5th on the night but 11th overall in the league and some great efforts and excellent team spirit from those present, well done to you all.

This does however mean that next season we will be moved to league 2, but an opportunity to walk away with the league 2 trophy next year, so there is the challenge and target for our young swimmers next year yes

There were some excellent swims with an occasional issue and unfortunately a couple of DQs, but these are things that can be learnt from and resolved, so please go talk to your coach about them.

15 new PBs

1 Club Best

Those who represented BSC were as follows, well done to you all.

Amelia Dewar, Benjamin Filer, Bonnie Brooks, Daisy Laing, David Graham, Ella Nijkamp, Emma Hockney, Eric Batt, Evie Light, Grace Milnes, Grace Payne, Harry Lines, Isabella MacDonald, Lara Coster, Marcus Donald, Matilda Anderton, Orla Taylor, Poppy Baker, Rafael Armstrong, Riley Milne, Ronan Philbin, Samuel Baker, Samuel Griffiths, Tamsin Moren, Thomas Holmes-Higgin, William Barnes


Also a big thank you to all those volunteers and officials who helped on the day. This event was another one that the Club hosted, so thank you for "all hands on deck" running this.

Also a thank you to Geoff Wood for organising this, alongside his usual activities.

Brenda Briers, Charlotte Watson, Chris Briers, Daren Chennells , Ellen Northwood, Fiona Nijkamp, Geoff Wood, Hugh Griffiths, Ian Hockney, James Chennells, Jan Stevens, Kath Donald, Luke Nijkamp, Mike Pain, Natalia Moren, Simon Barnes, Simon Lever, Simon Light, Sophie Briers, Tony Armstrong, Tracey Moren, Zoe Watson

Coaches - Jan Stevens & Mike Pain who effortlessly supported each other.

Also not forgetting our Club Captains Charlotte, Ellen, James who helped out and supported the young team as well as our Peanuts Captains David & Tamsin.

If anyone wants to help organise events like these for the Club, this will take a small workload off our existing very busy team of volunteers.