East Region Open Water Swimming Championships

On 16th July Harrison, Callum and Izzy swam the 3k event at whitlingham Broad Lake for regional open water champs.

The swimmers were well looked after by Kelvin at Watford and their inspiration Jeremy Irvine a member of Watford and keen open water swimmer himself.

Harrison was the 2nd in the 15yr old in Herts with a time of 48.38.80 17th in his age bracket of 12 to 16yr olds.

Callum was 3rd 15yr old in Herts with a time of 48.57.40 and 18th in his age bracket in the region of 12 to 16yr olds. Their wave had 39 swimmers.

Izzy was 5th 15yr old (at 14) with a time of 54.08.80. She was 26th in her age bracket of 12 to 16yr olds and in the wave there were 48 swimmers.

This was a  big challenge but they have all talked about swimming again next year. They have all appreciated the practises at Denham with the youngsters who are now their firm friends. One of the reasons we love swimming is the family it encompasses across the club's. It's been a fun day. 

If you wish to have ago yourselves next year, then speak to them and get some real life experiences of the event.

Details on Open Water can be found at the East Region website but below is a taste - http://www.eastswimming.org/index.php/open-water-swimming