Revised Club Fees - 1st Nov

As the BSC year end is approaching, and as announced at our AGM earlier in the year, potential fee increases are now to be considered before the Club year end and increased with effect from the start of the BSC new financial year, which is 1st November.

This year has been a good year for the Club seeing an increase in members and thus membership fees, as well as our first Club sponsor and numerous successes for the swimmers in the pool at all levels. Unfortunately, the pool hire costs have also continued to increase. The Club did negotiate a preferential rate for a short term, but his has now been revoked and we pay the same rate as any other Dacorum Borough Club.

There is further uncertainty with regards to pool costs as the running of Sportspace is currently out to tender, as we outlined in a recent News item. At present, we have no idea who is likely to win the tender and actions they may or may not take to increase our pool fees further. All three Clubs (Hemel, Tring & BSC) are working very closely together to highlight issues to the Council, and together we will try and manage any change. As you will appreciate we will have to monitor this situation carefully and react once we have discussed with the new providers.

Although we have aligned our fee increase with the Club’s financial year, this does not negate the fact that mid-year increases may have to occur if circumstances change. The Club tries very hard to keep costs to a minmum and will continue to do so.

As outlined, we were very excited to get an initial sponsor and this will allow us to initiate key projects for the benefit of the Club. We will not however be using sponsorship monies to backfill any short comings in the operational costs of the Club, these must be covered by our fees.

In summary, we have seen an increase in operating costs, but with the high level of members joining this successful Club partially balancing this out, we feel it would be prudent to make a very small increase in the fees to cover the current costs and prepare for the unknown of next year.

Having had a brief look at fees from other Clubs, we are still very competitive in comparison and far outweigh the representative costs for other activities with the hours and facilities provided.

Monthly fees from 1st November will be as follows:

Group 1 - £27.50

Group 2 - £31.00

Group 3 - £36.00

Group 4 - £39.50

Group 5 - £41.00

Group 6 - £44.50

Group 7 - £31.00

Can you please ensure that any standing orders setup are changed in line with these increases effective 1st November.

If you have any comments or would like to discuss further, then please feel free to contact Alice or Nikki our current Treasurers ( or me to discuss, or grab us when you see us at the pools.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Steve Moren
Proud Chair of BSC