Thank You

This Club is run by volunteers and it is a credit to what the Club achieves for our swimmers, due to the commitment of these volunteers.


There are various roles required in running a Club of this size. They vary from non-qualified/technical roles through to qualified and technical roles, not of course forgetting all the administration that also goes into this. The roles vary from helping on poolside, achieving qualifications by becoming a timekeeper, official or referee. Running the Club shop and in addition we have the Committee and those who help us do the administration, as well as those who help us on Club events with the technical systems that are used to run our meets.

In summary we have a lot of people who make this Club what it is, but we can’t rely on these people always being available or able to continue giving up their time, this is why we always need more volunteers.


The Club will be going through a number of changes this year and for us to continue to provide an excellent environment for our swimmers to achieve their potential, we need everyone’s help, however big or small.

There are a variation of roles and I can guarantee that one of them will fit your skills and knowledge, as well as teach you new skills yes

So please take time out to help continue to run this Club at the excellent level it achieves for its size, some of these roles can be found at

If everyone does a little bit, this will make a significant difference and take some of the workload off our small team of those volunteers that run the Club for your swimmers benefit.

​We are also looking to develop our swimmers into other roles and skills, so if any of your swimmers want to help, let us know.

I would like to recognise every person who has help in 2017. My apologies if I have missed anyone and please let me know if I have. If you bump into any of these people, please give them a pat on that back and say thank you, every one of these people plays a part in running this Club, big or small for the benefit of our swimmers.

Finally a very big thank you to all of you who have helped from the Committee and me.

Steve Moren
Chair @ BSC (


Roll of Honour - ​Volunteers in 2017

Adam Pemberton Clare Donohoe John Rutherford Rob Kenney
Alice Stoker Daniel Powell Kalp Morjaria Sarah Jones
Amey Groves Daren, Daniel & James Chennells Kat Anderton Sarah Payne
Amy & Sam Harrison David Graham Kath, Euan & Marcus Donald Sarah-Jane Stephens
Amy Goss David Soulsby Keith Farnham Sharon Pitcher
Angela & Ellen Northwood Dolan Hinch Kirtsy & Simon Barnes Sheena & Dan Coster
Ann & Louise Holden Fiona & Luke Nijkamp Kyle & Nicola McDonald Sian MacDonald
Anna & Patrick Kalverboer Geoff Wood Lauren, Simon & Peter Lever Spencer Holmes
Anne Tyrer Helen Ayles Lousie Eyles Suzanne MacDonald
Annette Connell Hugh Griffiths Lynn & Simon Light Tara Bullock
Aoife & Chris Burnell-Smith Ian Hockney Mark, Owen & Tom Strakosch Tom Hickman
Barbara & Andre Nel Jan Davis Michelle Hewson Tony Armstrong
Brenda & Chris Briers Jan Stevens Michelle Thorne Tracey, Natalia & Tamsin Moren
Caitlin Kelley Jennifer Hanley Mike Pain Tracy Van Deventer
Carol Filer Kennedy Jenny Bevan Nikki & Anthony Carter Wendy Blanton
Carolyn MacNab Jo & Izzy Sansom Paul Jones Yvette & Zac Patel
Charles Dainton Jo Harding Penny Harrison Zoe & Charlotte Watson
Cheryll Swarray-Deen Joanne & Richard Newman Rachael & Michael Richards  
Christine Thompson Joanne Wisely Rob Diehl