BSC 6th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Sunday 24th March was the 6th AGM for the Club.

Thank you to those of you who turned up, think we just about had more parents than Committee members.

There were some important points raised at the meeting, in summary;

  1. Delayed fee increases will occur 1st May (announcement in April), PLEASE remember to change your payments).
  2. We still need parents to volunteer at Facilitated meets, or we will have no option but to stop doing them.
  3. We still need parents and swimmers to support our internal meets and team galas.
  4. We have a number of Committee roles that need to be filled. A number of projects did not occur last year due to lack of resources.
  5. We also need more qualified officials, otherwise we will struggle to attend some meets.
  6. Direction of Club in the future will be decided by your feedback on the questionnaires we will send out in a couple of months time.
  7. Tring Pool possibly scheduled to open in April, in the short term we hope to reinstate Wednesday sessions. Post Summer, it is likely the training schedule will change to make the most of the pool availability we have.
  8. The Club still punches above its weight thanks to the hard work of our swimmers and coaches.
  9. Finally thank you to Helen Lawson, Nikki Martin and Fiona Nijkamp who will be stepping down from the Committee later this year.
  10. Welcome to Jackie Hockney (new Club Secretary) and Dolan Hinch (new Club Treasurer).

More details can be found at the following location (please logon first) -