Dev Camp 2017 Day 5
The final day has dawned bright and sunny unlike the swimmers who needed a fog horn to get them out of bed this morning. With the exception of Anna, Martha, Flick and Sophie who joined Pavel and Ollin in the common room from 7am.
After a leisurely breakfast they all came back to start to pack.  Sian was super fast at getting packed and Ben (Benedict)  has managed not to loose anything all week .  It was then back to pre-activation for more skipping and warm up exercises.
Still going strong in the swimming pool Euan is leading his lane and keeping them all going.  Scarlett has got tumble turning down to a fine art. All still really cheerful and enthusiastic in the pool even though they are tired. The younger swimmers got out a bit early to keep their energy for this afternoons session.
After lunch they finished packing and gathered for an awards ceremony in the common room.  Everyone has a certificate and their hot chocolate cups with a little chocolate egg from Flicks mum - thank you.
Then it was off to play - yes you guessed it capture the flag.  lots of good strategy's shown on both side, this was overpowered by the cheating going on 😄.  Hannah's​ team were tops at cheating and Hannah (team captain) was teaching them all the best cheats !!! 😄  No one could out run Jasmine, Imogen imployed the tactic of doing up her shoe laces (which took ages!) with her back against the goal post, Pranav was a real gentleman through out all three matches, Evie Corre was scary 😵!! 
The final swim session will be some timed IMs and then a play swim before dinner and then home.
A massive thank you to the coaches for the week - Jess, Hannah and James and also to the team managers who have all taken time off work to be here - Michelle, Rebecca and Diane.
P.S. All photos now uploaded to RSC Dev Cemp 2017