Can You Help Run The Club?

As outlined at the recent Awards Evening and at the AGM, we need volunteers to be able to run the Club; without people stepping forward the Club will not function.

We have over the coming months a number of key administrative positions that we need to fill and some new ones being introduced.
Some will occur due to a number of people are stepping down this year after contributing significantly over the years, for which we are all very appreciative. Some additional roles as we try and evolve the Club as well as spreading the workload.

Any of these roles can be carried out by one person or to make it easier we can share the role between several people. A lot of these roles will be made a little easier once we transition to our new website on 1st June.

The roles are as follows (with a very short brief), please feel free to discuss with the current incumbent for their guidance, denoted below. As outlined, things will be made easier with our specifically designed website, so an ideal time to get involved as we transition.

Existing Positions

  • Membership Secretary (Carol Kennedy Filer) – manage the membership records, manage and monitor collection of fees, communication of Group changes and management of registration for new starters.
  • Open Meet Secretary (Guy Ellwood) – act as a focal point for pulling together entrants for Open Meets, communicating events details and liaising with the meet hosts.
  • Club Shop Co-ordinator (Shona Beattie) – manage the provision of Club merchandise and work with various suppliers to ensure a cost effective solutions.
  • Communications Officer (Steve Moren) – manage and coordinate communications from the Club as well as provision of material for the website and social media outlets.
  • Technical Support (Steve Moren) – people who can help with setting up and running the technical aspects of Club galas and Club events, ranging from running the PC’s and systems for Club galas to the PA system, all very easy once you understand it.

New Positions

  • Group of Fundraising Organisers (Fiona Nijkamp) – these roles are to support Fiona in trying to get additional external funds as well as fundraising activities and increase the publicity of the Club.
  • Group of Event Organisers (Steve Moren) – again additional people to help plan and organise Club events (Awards Evening, Club 50s, Club Champs and any other event the Club puts on).
  • Social Media Coordinator (Steve Moren) – a person who can bring together all our social media outlets and work with the Communications Officer and Chair/Head Coach.
  • Special Projects (Steve Moren) – from time to time we will have specific projects that the Committee will need investigated and assessments/reviews/actions carried out, we are looking for people who can help when needed, these could be investigative, technical or administrative.

Please contribute in any way you can as we need all the help we can get please to continue running the Club, please let me know if you would be interested in one of these roles to help the Club and swimmers..

Steve Moren
Proud Chair @ Berkhamsted Swimming Club