Hemel Spring Development Meet

This event was an opportunity for predominantly our novice swimmers to dip their “toe in the water” at competition level.

Some really great swims both from our juniors and older swimmers. Sam Newman proving that even at 18 you can still get better and he did 7 events in 2 sessions and came 1st in them all!!!

Lots of novice swimmers meant lots of D/Qs I am afraid, most for reasons that can be resolved with some perseverance by the swimmers.

We had 48 swimmers with 201 swims in total across all four sessions, with 26 first time swims.


91 pbs & 2 Club Bests for Evie Light


35 - 1st Places

24 -2nd Places

11 - 3rd Places


We also got I am afraid 11 speed tickets (where swimmers exceeded the maximum times).


1st Place

3rd Place

Adi Cooper 200m Breaststroke

Amelia Dewar 50m Breaststroke

Adi Cooper 50m Breaststroke

Anna Giacomantonio 50m Freestyle

Adi Cooper 50m Butterfly

Bella Hinch 50m Backstroke

Bella Hinch 200m Breaststroke

Eve Payne 100m Backstroke

Bella Hinch 50m Freestyle

Evie Light 100m IM

Callum Bullock 100m Freestyle

Grace Payne 100m Freestyle

Christina Soulsby 100m Backstroke

Luke Farnan 200m Freestyle

Christina Soulsby 100m Breaststroke

Lydia Wisely 200m IM

Edward Horsley 100m IM

Sam Baker 100m IM

Evie Light 200m Backstroke

Sam Baker 200m Freestyle

Evie Light 200m Breaststroke

Tom Stoker 50m Butterfly

Fionn Clare 200m Freestyle


George Thorne 100m Breaststroke


George Thorne 100m Butterfly


George Thorne 50m Freestyle


Grace Payne 100m Backstroke


Grace Payne 100m Butterfly


Grace Payne 200m Backstroke


Harrison Bullock 100m IM


Harrison Bullock 200m Breaststroke


Harrison Bullock 200m Freestyle


Harrison Bullock 50m Backstroke


Lydia Wisely 100m Breaststroke


Lydia Wisely 50m Breaststroke


Millie Harrison 200m Breaststroke


Molly Baker 50m Freestyle


Poppy Baker 100m Freestyle


Ronan Philbin 50m Freestyle


Sam Newman 100m Breaststroke


Sam Newman 100m IM


Sam Newman 200m Breaststroke


Sam Newman 200m Freestyle


Sam Newman 200m IM


Sam Newman 50m Backstroke


Sam Newman 50m Butterfly




2nd Place

Top 8’s

Abigail Briers 200m IM

Abigail Briers

Adi Cooper 100m IM

Amelia Dewar

Amelia Dewar 100m Freestyle

Anna Giacomantonio

Bella Hinch 100m IM

Bella Hinch

Callum Bullock 200m Freestyle

Ben Filer

Christina Soulsby 200m IM

Caitlin Kelley

Edward Horsley 200m Breaststroke

Cole Moore

Emma Hockney 100m IM

Dylan Kiddle

Evie Light 100m Freestyle

Edward Horsley

Fionn Clare 100m IM

Emma Hockney

George Thorne 50m Backstroke

Eve Payne

Grace Payne 50m Freestyle

Evie Light

Harrison Bullock 100m Breaststroke

Fionn Clare

Harrison Bullock 100m Freestyle

Georgie Farnham

Harrison Bullock 50m Freestyle

Grace Payne

Hugh Clare 200m Breaststroke

Henry Farnan

Izzy Carter 100m Freestyle

Izzy Carter

Izzy Sansom 200m Backstroke

Izzy Sansom

Lara Coster 100m Backstroke

Lara Coster

Lara Coster 100m Butterfly

Luke Farnan

Molly Baker 100m Butterfly

Lydia Wisely

Molly Baker 100m Freestyle

Millie Harrison

Saff Harding 200m Breaststroke

Poppy Baker

Tom Stoker 100 IM

Ronan Philbin


Roxy Scott


Saff Harding


Sam Baker


Sophie Fraser


Tilly Anderton


A big thank you also to all those who helped on poolside, especially as we did not have an available coach to be there with them.

Poolside Volunteers

Alice Stoker

Carol Kennedy Filer

Zoe Watson



Tara Bullock


Apologise if I missed anyone.


Session 1 Results

Session 1 Club Bests

Session 2 Results

Session 3 Results

​Session 3 Club Bests

Session 4 Results