South East Regionals REPORT

Success for Maxwell at Swim England’s South East Regionals

Over two weekends in May 13th/14th and 27th/28th some of Maxwell’s young, up-and-coming swimmers competed at Swim England’s South East Regional Championship where there was much success.

On Saturday 13th May it started well with Joshua Weston finishing 5th in the 13 years 1500m Freestyle. Next was the 200m Individual Medley where Gracie Hudson qualified for the 11/12 years final in 5th position.

During the next session there was more success with Carmelo Almadin qualifying 7th for 11/12 years 200m Breaststroke final. In the next event, the girls 200m Butterfly, Maxwell had both Gracie Hudson and Sophie Govan qualify for 11/12 years final.

The final session of the day was the finals starting with Gracie Hudson in 11/12 years 200m Individual Medley.  She stepped up and beat her personal best time to finish in 4th place.  Carmelo Almadin was next with the 11/12 years 200m Breaststroke and finished in 8th place. The last race of the day was the 11/12 years 200m Butterfly final where both Gracie Hudson and Sophie Govan took part, finishing 4th and 7th respectively.

The next day continued in similar form, and Sophie Govan qualified for the 11/12 years 200m Backstroke final in 6th position. Joshua Weston continued his good form in the freestyle events qualifying in 8th place for the 13 years 200m final. Alice Weston showed her ability in the 100m Butterfly by qualifying in 1st place for the final. The last set of heats that morning was the girls 50m Breaststroke and boys 50m Butterfly. In the 50m Breaststroke Gracie Hudson qualified 4th for the 11/12 years final and Millie Tomlin-Davies 7th for the 14 years final. Joshua Weston continued his form, qualifying 5th for the 13 years 50m Butterfly final.

In the next session that day was the finals for the morning heats and first up was Sophie Govan who finished in 7th place in 11/12 years 200m Backstroke. Joshua Weston took part in his first of two finals that session in 13 years 200m Freestyle finishing in 8th place. Next was Alice Weston in 11/12 years 100m Butterfly final, which Alice finished in 1st place. After that was the 50m Breaststroke where Gracie Hudson in 11/12 years and Millie Tomlin-Davies in 14 years finals took part. Both stepped up, with Gracie finishing 3rd and Millie 6th place. Joshua Weston then took part in his second final, the 13 years 50m Butterfly and finished in 7th place.

The final session that day was the girls 400m Freestyle and boys 400m Individual Medley. The girls were all close but none quite made a top 8 finish. Whereas in the boys 400m Individual Medley, Joshua Weston continued his busy weekend to finish in 8th place.

The next weekend 27th and 28th May started well with the girls 800m Freestyle and boys 200m Individual Medley with lots of personal bests but no one quite making into the top 8 positions.

The second session started off promising, with Gracie Hudson qualifying in 1st place for the 200m Breaststroke 11/12 years final. Next was the boys 200m Butterfly where John Manser finished in 12th position but was called up to the 11/12 years finals in 8th position later that day. Joshua Weston continued from the first weekend by qualifying in 3rd place in 13 years final along with Sean Richards in 8th place. The last final qualifier was Sophie Govan in the girls 11/12 years 50m Backstroke in 3rd place.

The final session started well with Gracie Hudson gaining a personal best to finish in 2nd place in the girls 11/12 years 200m Breaststroke. John Manser came into the final and smashed his personal best time from earlier that day for a close finish but in 8th place for the 11/12 years 200m Butterfly. Next were Joshua Weston and Sean Richards in the 200m Butterfly 13 years, where Josh was just off his heat time for third place and Sean beat his heat time for 7th. The last final for Maxwell that session was Sophie Govan in 11/12 years 50m Backstroke final where she also swam faster and finished in 3rd place.

The last day of the championships, 28th May, started as all had with success with Sophie Govan qualifying 8th place for the 11/12 years 200m Freestyle final. In the 100m Butterfly Joshua Weston continued to show good form, qualifying in 7th place. Gracie Hudson and Millie Tomlin-Davies both showed their strengths in the 100m Breaststroke, with Gracie qualifying 7th for the 11/12 years and Millie 8th in 14 years. The last boys 50m race was Breaststroke where Carmelo Almadin also showed his strength, qualifying in 3rd place for the 11/12 years final.

The last set of finals continued the good form. They started off with the girls 200m Freestyle, where Sophie Govan finished in 8th place in the 11/12 years. Gracie Hudson was next to demonstrate that having any lane in a final means you can win, winning from lane 1 in the 11/12 years 100m Breaststroke. Millie Tomlin-Davies gained a personal best time to improve to 6th place in the 14 years 100m Breststroke final. The last final Maxwell had was Carmelo Almadin in 50m Breaststroke, who stepped up in the 11/12 years final to finish in 2nd place.

The last session of the championship was the boys 400m Freestyle, where there were some tired swims. The last event of the session was the girls 400m Individual Medley, where there were some big personal bests including Gracie Hudson finishing in 4th place in 11/12 years age group.

In addition to the swimmers mentioned above, Maxwell competitors included: Luke Burton, Lottie Pond, Aisling Merrison, Elena Cogan, Emilia Beesley, Isabelle Ford, Millie Jones, Charlotte Downing, Imogen Walton and Jamie Prince. It was a very successful championship for Maxwell and the team is looking forward to a very successful end to the season.