Maxwell June Meet REPORT

Raising Stars at Maxwell Demonstrating their Skills

Over the weekend of 24th/ 25th June 2017 Maxwell run a competition with the aim beingf to give new swimmers and older swimmers a chance to compete in races which they don’t normally compete in. Over the weekend Maxwell had several swimmers whom did not have a time compete in the competition and to also finish in the top 3 places.

This started off in Event 1 the girls 200 IM with Hannah Campbell taking part in her first IM and finishing in 2nd place in the 9 year olds.  Charlie Toms took part in his first 200m Backstroke and finished in 3rd place within the 10 years boys age group. Katelyn Walley is another 9 Year old girl whom was also taking part in her first 50m Breaststroke and finishing in 2nd place.

There were many personal bests and many swimmers taking place within their first events but not quite making top 3 until event 9 the girls 200m Freestyle. These young girls finished 1st and 2nd in the 9 years age group by Eliza Hudson and Hannah Campbell. This was not just for young swimmers to take part in their first events but also for some older more experienced athletes such as Matthew Burton in boys 16 and over 200m Breaststroke and finishing in 2nd place. The last first time swim of the day was by James Crawford in boys 14 years 100m Butterfly with 3rd place.

The next day the success of the new swims continued where Jake Chesworth took part in his first 50m Breaststroke and finished 2nd in the 9 year olds. Matthew Burton also took part in his first 50m Breaststroke also finishing in 2nd place in the 16 years and over. Katelyn Walley showed she can compete over couple of strokes also finished in 2nd place but in the girls 9 years 50m Freestyle. Jake Chesworth was having a good day this time finishing in 1st place in the boys 9 years 100m Freestyle from having not done this event before.  This was a busy morning for new swimmers with three more in final event of the session the boys 200m Butterfly. Firstly was Chale Cowles in boys 10 years with second place, which Corin Schofield also finished in for the 14 year olds. The final success was Ted Gundry also in 14 years finishing in 1st place after not completing this event before.

In the final session of events of the weekend Connie Prince completed her first 50m Butterfly and finished in 3rd place for the 9 years age group. Eliza Hudson then continued her exceptional weekend with 1st place in girl 9 years 200m Breaststroke.  Next was Jake Chesworth which continued his good form on the second day with a 1st place in boys 9 years 100m Backstroke.  The last event of the weekend  was the girls 100m Butterfly where there was two 2nd places and one 1st place from girls whom never competed in this event before. Hannah Campbell and Millie Strange were the 2nd places in the 9 and 12 years respectively, with Eliza Hudson 1st in the 9 years group.

Overall this was a really successful competition allowing many of the young and new swimmers to take part and we look forward to next season where this youngsters can continue to show their development.