Maxwell October 17 Meet REPORT

Maxwell Swimmers Stepping up to Achieve Oxford and North Buckinghamshire County Times

On the weekend of 7-8 October 2017, Maxwell Swim Club ran a competition where swimmers were given the opportunity to achieve times for the 2018 County Championships. Over the weekend, there were a total of 58 considered or accepted times achieved.

On the first session it was the 400m Individual Medley for the boys and the 400m Freestyle for the girls. The boys started off excellently with Matthew ReadHead gaining a consideration time in the boys 12 years age group with over a 33 second personal best (PB). Joshua MacNab also achieved his considered time for the boys 15 years age group with a big PB. Both John Manser (13 years) and Oliver Kenton (17 years+) got accepted County qualifying times in this event, with John gaining a 16s PB and Oliver a 4s PB.  In the girls 400m Freestyle there were many good swims and PBs but no new qualifying times; notably some exceptional PBs such as Carrie Brown’s 15.6s PB and Emily Hall’s 13.5s PB.

The next session continued with good form by the boys. Kian MacNab gained the 10/11 years 200m Backstroke County considered time with a massive 7.6s PB. In the girls 100m Freestyle, many stepped up to achieve County times in the younger ages. Eliza Hudson, Hannah Campbell and Isobel Simpson all achieved their times for the 10/11 years, with Eliza and Isobel both going under 1:20.0 for the first time. Emilia Beesley also gained a consideration time in the 13 years with a 2s PB. The 100m event for the boys was the 100m Breaststroke where there were 5 qualifying times achieved with 3 considered and 2 accepted times. Chale Cowles and Daniel Beadle, both in 10/11 years, and Lewis Baybutt (14 years) achieved the consideration times. Kenji McDade (16 years) and Carmelo Almadin (13 years) both gained accepted times, and Carmelo also gaining a 7.3s PB. The next events were the girls 200m Individual Medley (IM) and boys 200m Fly where there were no new County qualifiers but some really big steps up, such as Lucy Hope who achieved a 10.9s PB in the IM. The girls 50m Backstroke continued to provide more County considered times by Hannah Campbell (10/11 years) with a 3s PB and Poppy Baybutt (13 years) with a 1.5s PB. The final event of the session also saw two more County consideration times by Charlie Toms (12 years) and Sam Drew (15 years). 

The third session continued with the exceptional form with the girls 100m Backstroke, with Hannah Campbell and Poppy Baybutt showing continued good form by also achieving their consideration times. Emma Whincup (16 years) also gained a consideration time in the 100m Backstroke with a time of 1:13.52. Next was the boys 100m Fly where there were four qualifiers (3 considered, 1 accepted). Carmelo Almadin (13 years), who went under 1:20.0 for first time, Ted Gundry and Tom Selby (16 years) all gained consideration times for 100m Fly. Matthew Burton (17 Years+) gained an accepted County time with 1:01.22. Charlotte Pond was next to gain an accepted County time in the girls 15 years 50m Fly with a time of 31.5s. Chale Cowles continued his good form with the last considered time of the day, in the 10/11 years, with a PB of 1.6s in 50m Breaststroke.

Emilia Beesley and Imogen Walton both started Day 2 off well with consideration County times in the 400m IM for the 13 and 14 years respectively. Emilia gained a PB of over 1 minute! Imogen’s PB was also a massive 40 seconds. Next was the boys 400m Freestyle where there were four consideration times and one accepted County time. The consideration times were achieved by Kian MacNab (10/11 years), Matthew ReadHead (12 years), James Crawford (15 years) and Corin Schofield (16 years). John Manser achieved an accepted County time in the 13 years with a time of 5:13.11, which achieved a new PB by over 30seconds.

Gracie Hudson continued the good form with an accepted County qualifying time in the 200m Backstroke 13 years with a 1 second PB. The 100m Freestyle event for the boys continued to bring success with four County consideration times achieved by Charlie Toms (12 years), Sam Drew and James Crawford (15 years), and Archie Walton (16 years). Additionally, Luke Burton and Oscar Almadin both broke the 1 minute barrier for the first time. Charlotte Downing gained a County consideration time in the 100m Breaststroke in the 13 years with a PB of 5.8s. The boys success continued with another four County times with two considered and two accepted. The considered times were achieved by Jake Chesworth in 10/11years and Matthew ReadHead in the 12 years. Carmelo Almadin, in a time of 2:39.25 and Kenji McDade in a time of 2:17.89, both gained accepted County times in 13 years and 16 years respectively. Even though in the 200m Fly there were no new County times achieved, Rowan Cyster achieved a massive 32.7s PB to go under 3 minutes for the first time. Luke Burton and Kenji McDade both gained consideration times in the 50m Backstroke for 15 years and 16 years respectively. The girls 50m Freestyle also produced many County qualifiers with four more times - one considered and three accepted. Rowan Cyster achieved the consideration time in the 14 years. Eliza Hudson and Isobel Simpson both gained accepted times in the 10/11 years with times of 34.07s and 34.90s. Amber Cook achieved the other accepted time in the 17+ years with time of 28.24s.

The final session of the weekend continued to produce some really good times and more County times. The first two were consideration times in the girls 100m Fly 13 years by Gracie Hudson and Emilia Beesley who achieved 11.4s and 5.5s PBs respectively. Oliver Hassall also continued the good form with an accepted County time in the 16 years 50m Fly with a time of 27.13s. Charlotte Downing continued her form with a consideration in 50m Breaststroke with a 1s PB.  The last boys event of the weekend, 200m Breaststroke, produced three County consideration times by Chale Cowles (10/11 years), Matthew ReadHead (12 years) and Lewis Baybutt (14 years). Each boy achieved a big PB, but Chale’s was an exceptional 13.6s. The final event of the weekend produced the last County consideration time, in the 200m Freestyle. Isobel Simpson got this consideration time in the 10/11 years with a PB of 11.6s and a time of 2:54.72.

Overall the swimmers did a fantastic job all weekend, and there were many positive results. Maxwell are now looking forward to when these swimmers get to compete at Counties in the new year.