Two Counties Meet 2018 - Planning and Help Please!

As many of you will be aware over the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2018 Caradon Swimming Club and Dinnaton Swimming Club will be hosting the inaugural Two Counties Spring Open Meet at the Plymouth Life Centre for the second year.

We are hoping that this gala will be a huge success again not only for the attending swimmers and their families and friends but for our clubs as a fundraising adventure.

Please put this date on your calendars for next year as we hope your swimmers will be competing but we are also looking for as many parents, friends and family as possible to help us to ensure the gala runs a smoothly as possible. Please keep reading as we have 4 important pleas.

At this time we are looking for a show of hands for anyone who will be willing to help us out on either day or both if possible. Roles will be discussed and allocated nearer the time we just need your willingness at the moment.

You will not have to take on any complicated task, there will be some tasks that many of you will be familiar with when we talk about marshalls for warm up, swim down and line up but in addition to this we will need helpers to hand out water, food, be general runners, sell programmes, sell raffle tickets, hand out medals, post up results, etc, etc.

To maximise the event we will need to have 32 officials.  We will put out requests to the appropriate groups, however we would like to ask anyone who is interested in timekeeping to contact us. Without the correct number of officials we cannot have a licensed meet which means times cannot be registered with the ASA.  We can now have officials who fulfils the timekeeping role and this will allow Caradon to run its own licensed meets with confidence of having a pool of our own officials to support the meet.

In addition to this we are looking for anyone who is prepared to become involved in the organisation of the gala from here on in. At the moment there is a small sub-committee who have met but we need more people to become involved now to lighten the load.

Our final plea at this time is for you to consider whether you, anyone or any business you know would wish to:-

  • Advertise within our colour gala programme, either quarter, half or full page.
  • Donate a prize towards the raffle where we will sell tickets prior the event. Please advise Alex on with any details of prizes, thanks.
  • Sponsor our skins event (approx £700) and the event will be named after the sponsor, sponsor to present the prizes
  • Donate or subsidise the purchase of 36 bottles of wine used as gifts for the Officials.
  • Assist us with the printing of the programme and/or raffle tickets.
  • Assist us with providing medals.

Please contact Caradon’s Two Counties representatives, Clive Shute, Ann Thorp, Andrew Rickards or Martin Lovegrove, if you can help in any way. 

Many thanks

The Committee
Two Counties Spring Open Meet