Hayley Pullen wins GOLD in Regional Synchro Competition

Hayley Pullen wins GOLD in Regional Synchro Competition

Hayley Pullen swims in P2 but she's also a synchronised swimmer and a member of the under 12 competitive team with Reading Royals. Hayley started synchro swimming when she was only 7 years old as her swimming teacher ran a synchro club in Henley and asked her to give it a try. You may have seen Hayley practising at the Wycombe pool with one of her coaches, Jenny Gray MBE.

For those who are new to synchro, you compete in age groups, 9-12, 13-15 and 15 upwards and at competitions you enter (1) Team events, (2) Individual figures (your scores here count towards your team mark too) and, if qualified (3) Solos & Duets. There are different levels of competition depending on your ability from level 1 (novice) through to level 3 or 4 (Regional & National level).

Hayley qualified to swim at Regional & National level competitions when she was just 9 years old. And her team won gold at Nationals last year. She has also qualified and been given the chance to swim a solo at Nationals this year for the first time.

Even though the synchro routines are only 2-3 minutes long, they take quite a long time to learn. Hayley works on one routine for a whole year, so they’re ready to take to competitions after the summer holidays.

Hayley went to her first full competition of the year earlier this month - a Regional level competition in Crawley, competing against swimmers from synchro clubs across the South. Hayley's team won GOLD and Hayley also won GOLD for her solo and SILVER in figures.

She's now working hard to get everything even better for Nationals in just a few weeks time.

Well done Hayley! And we'll keep you posted about how she gets on...