Learn to Swim - End of Term

The final sessions of the autumn term for Learn to Swim are as follows:

Tuesday (Whitings Hill)  12th December 2017
Friday (QE Boys)  15h December 2017
Wednesday (Underhill)  20th December 2017
Thursday (QE Boys)  21st December 2017

Unfortunately QE Girls pool will still be unavailable after Christmas therefore we have been investigating other options. Similar to the Autumn term we have secured Underhill on Wednesday and QE Boys on Friday for Learn to Swim. The first sessions for Learn To Swim after Christmas will be as follows:

Thursday (QE Boys)  4th January 2018
Friday (QE Boys)  5th January 2018
Tuesday (Whitings Hill)  9th January 2018
Wednesday (Underhill)  10th January 2018 

To download a copy of the schedule for the Spring Term click the following link.